MIMR Review: Blanketman ‘Sick and Tired/Flip It Over’

It’s say to safe that this next band have caused a considerable buzz on the blog over the last few months and since their debut show in January they have made significant strides in their short existence….this band is Blanketman and their new double A side single has confirmed them as one of the brightest talents to come out of Manchester in a very long time.

Sick & Tired demonstrates the band’s beauty to put together a raw sounding tune with breathless ease. Punkish vocals, relentless, atmospheric beats and suplime guitars lead to a crusendo/triumphant climax which is mesemerising and hard to get out of your head.

Flip It Over is a much more thrill a second post-punk journey, with spiky riffs, hard hitting vocals and pulsating drums. The track is the ultimate song to get you moving and it’s instantly one to repeat over and over.

Blanketman are in prime position to be one of your new favourite bands, these tracks alone certainly make them a force to be reckoned with, MIMR can’t wait to follow them more in the future, it will be worth your time and attention!

Check out the tracks here:

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