MIMR Band Chat: Blanketman

One of the bands that have really shook up MIMR at the moment are the excellent Blanketman, who are steadily becoming a band to stand up and take notice of.

We spoke to the band ahead of some upcoming gigs, they’re will be a big announcement at the end too.

MIMR: We welcome Blanketman to MIMR, tell us about how the band came about and was it easy to decide what direction your sound would go into?

Blanketman: Hello, thanks for having us. The band came about after for one reason or other we all moved to Manchester in mid to late 2017. Dan and I spoke about the possibility of getting something together before we arrived in Manchester, I invited Jeremy over for a beer shortly after I moved here after speaking to him online. At this point he didn’t speak much English so it was a surreal conversation with a lot of arm movements. We rehearsed with 4 different people including 2 drummers before we happened across Ellie. At first, we thought about having a big project with lots of members, but after rehearsing a couple of times as a four we realised we didn’t need anyone else.

In terms of the sound, it just developed organically, we didn’t really set any clear direction, but instead it just came about from an amalgamation of all our different influences. Although we do share a lot of bands we like, we each have our own specific tastes which have fed into our sound.

MIMR: What’s 2018 been like for the band?

Blanketman: 2018 has been great. It’s also been a learning experience; our first show was in late January and we’ve played another eleven times between then and now. It has all moved pretty fast and things started to go well sooner than we had expected. We played some big gigs and have had some great opportunities to play with some of our personal heroes so we’re very thankful for that. We’re also very thankful that we have some key people around us that support us and push us to go further (they know who they are). We released a couple of songs earlier this year and a live video which have all gotten a good reception, it’s the first time any of the band have done anything like that so we’re hoping to learn from things that went well and didn’t go so well, so next time we can do it better.

In terms of the rest of the year, we’ve got two big shows coming up. The first is on the 25th of October at Night People where we’re supporting Brix & The Extricated for the launch of their new album “Breaking State” which we’re extremely excited for. The second is on the 5th of November at YES opening up for Phobophobes. We have also been in the studio and are looking at releasing a couple of new songs very soon.

MIMR: Do you guys prefer to be out playing lots of shows or spending more time recording new music?

Blanketman: Both are important for different reasons but we’re a live band really. So we’d have to say we prefer playing lots of shows. Playing live is really important, particularly for a new band, it’s the way that you develop, find out what works and what doesn’t, work out which your best songs are. It is also a lot of fun. We play live a lot more by default because recording is expensive, but when we’ve managed to scrape enough coppers together we try to get into the studio. We’re lucky to have a really good relationship with Dead Basic Studios in the Northern Quarter. They look after us and make it affordable too, so can’t recommend them enough really to any new bands looking for somewhere to rehearse and record.

MIMR: The Manchester music scene is as strong as ever at the moment, which bands do you follow and think are ones to watch?

The Manchester music scene is strong. Some people can be quite negative towards it, especially when they look back to the glory days of the 80’s and 90’s, but the scene is still doing well. Especially now some key issues are starting to be addressed within it. There are a few bands that we have our eyes on at the moment, DUDS, Yossarians, The Birthmarks and URF are all definitely worth checking out, all doing great stuff.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting with MIMR, how can people find out about gigs and other news

Blanketman: Cheers to you. Best places to look is our website which has everything on it http://www.musicglue.com/blanketman and our social media pages which we keep pretty up to date: http://www.facebook.com/blanketmanband and @blanketmanband for Instagram and Twitter. Our tracks are also available on all major platforms such as Spotify and you can download it on our Bandcamp, blanketman.bandcamp.com

Special announcement to make as mentioned at start of the feature, Blanketman will be headlining this fantastic all dayer with my good friends at Deco Promotions which is going to be their biggest headline gig to date. The launch gig on Saturday 9th Feb at The Peer Hat will be full of some top quality live acts, all details can be found on the event link below.


MIMR will be all over the all-dayer with interviews and previews in the new year.

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