MIMR Band Chat: 243 Ida

MIMR Band Chat returns with the funky, electro-pop duo 243 Ida under the spotlight. We spoke to Lennie about the latest with the band and their favourite records they can’t live without.

MIMR: Glad to have 243 Ida on the blog. hey, what’s the latest goings on with the band?

Lennie: Hey Griff, thanks so much for having us! We have had a busy summer of gigging (mostly locally in Manchester but also heading down to London and Sheffield for a couple of shows) and are now buckling down to finish our second EP. During our recent live sets we have been sneaking in a couple of songs taken from it, and they’ve been going down really well. When the record is finished it will be available to download and listen to for free on SoundCloud. Alongside this we are rehearsing for our next gig, which will be on the 1st November at Night and Day Cafe in Manchester, supporting art-rock synth-pop band Vuromantics.

MIMR: The dynamic of a musical duo is something which is becoming ever more common nowadays, how did this arrangement come about and what’s the process when it comes to songwriting side of things?

Lennie: We met online initially: Emma had been producing in her bedroom and was looking for a vocalist to work with, Lennie was hoping to move from her indie-rock roots (previously being front woman of Manchester indie band Sandbox) to a more electronic sound. In general, when Lennie writes a song she will do this on her guitar, and will bring this to Emma who will produce it on Logic. When Emma writes she will do this alongside the production, and Lennie is on hand to adjust and shape the melody and chords with her keen musical ear. At first we took quite distinct roles – producer and vocalist – and would work on songs that were either written by Lennie or Emma. However, increasingly, we write and produce together, and this is often when the magic happens. We feel our different outlook and skills really complement each other, and being equally invested in every song we create is the benefit of a musical partnership. We love electronic duo Sylvan Esso, who have a similar set up to us. Like them, we’re keen to create an exciting live performance – with two energetic people… and as many different sounds, synths and beats as we can squeeze into a set.

MIMR: What’s been your favourite venue to gig at?

Lennie: We have really enjoyed all our gigs, but in particular our recent gig at Night People and our performance last year at Soup Kitchen (both in Manchester) were particularly exciting for us. Soup Kitchen is a dream venue where we have watched so many bands that we love, and the sound was incredible. Night People has a great atmosphere, and on the night there were three other excellent acts and between us we packed out the venue. We’re also super excited about our upcoming gig at another iconic Manchester venue – Night and Day cafe on the 1st November.

MIMR: Everyone has their favourite music they couldn’t live without, which 3 records would you choose if you couldn’t listen to anything else?

Lennie: This was a very tough one! Emma would have to pick a Yeasayer album – probably Odd Blood – as this is her all time favourite band. Lennie doesn’t like these questions as she has a new obsession every month! Her current fixation is with a Spanish artist – Vetusta Morla, whose album Mapas (Maps) is on repeat on her car radio.
Together, we would go for What Now by Sylvan Esso, or Electric Lines by Joe Goddard …sorry, that was four wasn’t it?!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on MIMR, we wish you the best for rest of 2018, how can people check the band out on the socials?

Lennie: Thanks again for having us, we’ve had fun answering your questions! We are on all the socials:

twitter @243IdaMusic
Plus, You can listen to our current e.p. The Howling and download all our songs for free on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/243ida

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