MIMR @M20 Festival: Interview with Broomhead

We’re within touching distance of the M20 Festival activities commencing tomorrow and we let Broomhead drop by to give us the lowdown ahead of their set at the festival.

We talk about their music and their year so far

MIMR: How would you describe your sound and what method does the band undertake in writing songs?

Broomhead: We find it hard to really pin down our sound as we draw from such a wide range of influences. There’s definitely some indie vibes in there but also some folk, blues and country going on too. Our more recent stuff has taken a more heavier sounding direction though. We write to compliment the song rather than attempting to pigeonhole ourselves into a certain sound and we think this comes across in our recordings.

Dave is our primary songwriter but we all bring our own ideas to the table with what to do with the songs and this can sometimes take us down a completely different road than we set off on. Take Where Do We Go From Here off our forthcoming E.P. or One Way Street from our current one. They sound completely different to the tunes we demoed before we hit the studio. We’re definitely a writing partnership with each member adding their own signature to the original compositions.

MIMR: What has the biggest highlight of this year as a band?

Broomhead: We have had an incredible year with some great gigs and opportunities. We released our debut E.P. last November to a sold out crowd, playing with some of our favourite acts (Steve Black, Claire Jordan, The Northern Rambler) at 3MT which was a magical evening. We loved playing with Chris Helme (Seahorses) and playing with Toploader at Tatton Park was amazing and more recently opening the Saturday for Sonder festival at Bread Shed which is a cracking venue. We’ve certainly not had a bad year.

MIMR: We are looking forward to your show at M20 Festival in a few weeks, what can we expect from one of your live performances?

Broomhead: Well we’ve had a few changes over recent months. Our Bass player Pablo sadly left to move back to Spain and Gaz was laid up for a long while with a back injury but we’ve come back more determined and tighter than ever with a really solid set of songs. We’ll be blasting out an upbeat set with some new tracks along with some carefully selected covers. We’re looking forward to it.

MIMR: The festival is a celebration of the creation of Factory Records which put Manchester music and popular culture on the map, what Manchester acts do you admire and why?

Broomhead: Certainly growing up, Dave and Mike were massively influenced by bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses. We’re big fans of Elbow and James and acts like Joy Division. Dave is a huge Hollies fan and has been since very young. Manchester is just steeped in musical history, the city just exudes it. There’s too many to mention really and the unsigned scene around here at the minute is just out of this world, as was proven by Sonder this past weekend!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us, see you at M20 Fest, how can people keep up to date with the band on social media?

Broomhead: We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify… You name it… We’re on it!

Broomhead play The Vic at 8pm

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