MIMR @M20 Festival: Interview with Idle Hours

In our series of interviews with some of the acts playing the M20 Festival next month, our good friends Idle Hours are one of the hottest new bands around Manchester currently and expect fireworks when they hit the stage next week.

We caught with the band ahead of their how to talk about their superb new single and Manchester music they enjoy.

MIMR: Great to have our good friends Idle Hours on the blog. What have we been up to?

IH: We released our third track ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ at the start of September and we’ve got a number of gigs lined up over the autumn. We also been writing a lot of new material over the summer.

MIMR: Tell us all about the new single?

IH: Our new single, ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, is inspired by the Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, so the subject matter it quite dark but it’s definitely our most upbeat release to date, we’re all very pleased with it and it’s a blast to play live.

MIMR: We are looking forward to your set at M20 Festival. What can we expect from one of your live shows?

IH: People can definitely expect energy, we make an effort to put on a performance and there’s qualities to each member that make for an exciting live show.

MIMR: The Festival is a celebration of Factory Records which really put Manchester on the map with its music and culture at the forefront. What Manchester bands do you admire?

IH: Our bassist Alex was born and raised in Macclesfield so Joy Division and New Order were a big part of his musical upbringing. I think we also take inspiration from The 1975 who are really pushing the boundaries at the moment, and of course we’re all Oasis fans like many people our age. There’s also a lot of smaller Manc bands doing great things, Sequin Sally and Sugar being a couple of them.

MIMR: Thanks guys from dropping by and we look forward to seeing you at M20. How can people find you on social Media?

IH: Our Instagram and Twitter handle is @idlehours_ and we’re also on Facebook and we update our YouTube channel frequently.

One thought on “MIMR @M20 Festival: Interview with Idle Hours

  1. Idle Hours are a great new Manchester Band who write and are true to all their own material. Great lyrics, current and meaningful and a great sound …. Four talented lads with bright futures in music.


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