MIMR @M20 Festival: Interview with Narcissus

As we continue to showcase some of the bands that will hit the stage at the upcoming M20 Festival, the next act are sure to make you move, with their electro-pop stylings a perfect fit for our celebration of the Factory records and the legacy it left behind.

We spoke to the band ahead of their show about their sound and Manchester music past and present

MIMR: We welcome Narcissus to the blog, how best would you describe your sound and what influences do you have to create it?

Narcissus: We’ve been described as ‘future pop’ with a genre hopping, epic sound that marries electronica and hip-hop beats with guitars and big choruses. Our influences are wide ranging but where we all meet is with bands like Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Doves and New Order.

MIMR: How’s your 2018 been so far as a band?

Narcissus: Pretty amazing really given that we didn’t really exist at the start of the year and now we’re approaching ending it having created a bit of a buzz about us, with a single coming out soon, some great gigs lined up and an album to follow next year.

MIMR: Manchester is a music hub, full of unique music venues to visit, which ones stand out for you?

Narcissus: We really are spoilt for choice with venues of all shapes and sizes across the city. Many of the best gigs I have ever seen have been at the Apollo but places like the Ritz and Albert Hall are also great and we really enjoyed playing at Jimmy’s too. Add to that the plethora of clubs thumping out tunes for whatever is your musical bag and you can’t really go wrong – 42nd St nightclub is particularly close to our hearts and we’re looking forward to sharing the video for our new single soon which was filmed there. Watch this space!

MIMR: M20 Festival is fast approaching and we’re excited to see you perform, what manchester bands do you admire, past and present?

Narcissus: We’re massive fans of Manchester royalty like New Order, ACR, Elbow, Denise Johnson and Doves. The whole scene is really thriving again, particularly with bands like The Slow Readers Club and adoptive mancunians The Blinders leading the way having both absolutely smashed it this year and hopefully paving the way for the likes of us and Callow Youth to follow suit. Argh Kid is another favourite for us too, the man is a genius and his new single is gonna blow people away.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us at MIMR, see you on 6th October, how can people keep up to date with the band?

Narcissus: By giving us a follow on the usual social media platforms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/narcissushq/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/narcissushq

Insta: http://www.instagram.com/narcissuswindow

Website: http://www.narcissushq.co.uk

We also have a few tunes up on Spotify and videos on YouTube:

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