MIMR @M20 Festival: Interview with Finola

22 year old singer/songwriter Finola has been turning many heads with her mesemerising pop grooves and it with great delight that she will be performing at next month’s M20 Festival as one of the many Manchester acts that will grace the event.

We spoke to Finola about her music and her best places in Manchester to perform.

MIMR: Glad to have you on MIMR, tell us about how 2018 has treated you so far and what are the plans for the future?

Finola: 2018 has been a very busy year for my band and I so far! After the release of my debut EP Waterworks last November, we entered the year on a huge hype which continued into April when I released my latest single “Losing Value” which included a music video, filmed with Blue Caribou Productions. I have been doing a lot of writing the last couple of months which I plan to start performing at the upcoming gigs we have planned for the rest of the year!

MIMR: What was your earliest musical memory?

Finola: Honestly…my earliest musical memory is learning how to play God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on the recorder. But the memory I think of that probably made me want to be a singer-songwriter, was when I wrote my first song at 15.

MIMR: What influences strongly move you when creating your music?

Finola: The majority of my songs are inspired by personal experiences so I would say that the subjects of the songs are usually what moves me. By releasing and performing them I am letting people into my diary. I have always said that this style is similar to Taylor Swift’s first few albums, so if I were to cite one artist that inspires or moves me it would be her.

MIMR: With M20 Festival celebrating Factory Records, a big movement that led to putting Manchester on the map, what is your favourite venues to play or watch music in the city?

Finola: My biggest gig to date was my single launch for “Losing Value” which was a sold out show at Soup Kitchen, so that venue holds a special place in my heart. I could name loads, but one venue I would love to perform at that I have seen some great acts perform at would be Deaf Institute.

MIMR: Its been great to catch up with you and see you at M20 Fest, how can we keep up to date with your music on social media?

Finola: Thank you for having me! We are really excited to perform, see you there! �I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @finolamusic and you can find my music on Spotify and Apple Music under FINOLA.


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