MIMR @M20 Festival: Band Chat with Crying Beauty Queens

In the 1st of many interviews with some of the acts playing M20 Festival next month, MIMR got the lowdown on Alternative duo Crying Beauty Queens, who will be ons to watch on 6th October.

I spoke to Jordan and Paddy about their music and what to expect from their live show.

MIMR: Glad to have Crying Beauty Queens on MIMR. How has this year been for the band and what do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

CBQ: Thanks! We’re glad to be on here! This year so far has been amazing for the band. We only really formed in May and started playing as a two-piece, and now it’s August and we have our first single out, a second on the way, we’ll shortly be releasing our first official music video and this is all whilst we’ve been recording in the studio as well as playing shows around Manchester! For the rest of 2018, we plan to continue gigging and meeting even more amazing people alongside releasing our music video and second single.

MIMR: What are the main musical influences you draw upon when you create your sound?

CBQ: Countless influences honestly. Everything from dream pop melodies based off The Cranberries to the post hardcore abstract structures of Fugazi and At The Drive In. However, I think we also influence each other the most during the writing process as we try to play in the best possible way to cater for everyone’s ideas.

MIMR: What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

CBQ: Definitely the adrenaline that comes with having a crowd in front of you and not wanting to mess up in front of them. Ironically, that feeling for us only makes us play better and put on the best performance possible. All the best shows we’ve played have come from us absolutely sh****ng it beforehand!

MIMR: The dynamic of a two-piece has seen its fair share of well-known acts, what would you say is the best part of this arrangement?

CBQ: The chemistry needed between the members to pull it off I think. It’s vital for us to be on the same page musically, otherwise it just wouldn’t work. Also, once you start getting 4 or 5 people in a band together, it can make things very difficult in terms of voicing everyone’s opinions and including everyone’s ideas in the same piece of music. In addition to this, there’s something we both find very appealing about stripping back music to the bare essentials and having to work around the lack of resources. That’s often what breeds the best songs in our opinion and brings out more creativity

MIMR: We are looking forward to seeing you play at M20 Festival in October, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

CBQ: Two crazy idiots having a hell of a lot of fun and wanting to get everyone singing and dancing along to their music! When we play, we play like it’s the last time we’re going to hit the stage!

MIMR: Thanks for appearing on the blog, good luck with the rest of the year. M20 Festival is celebrating 40 years since the iconic Factory Records was started. Do you have any favourite bands past or present?

CBQ: Thank you for having us, it’s been a pleasure! We have so many favourites! Our personal favourites between the both of us include the legendary Stone Roses, Joy Division, Happy Monday’s and of course Oasis. Perhaps even The Chemical Brothers and the Buzzcocks. Honestly, the list goes on forever!

Catch them at M20 Festival next month, here’s a sneaky look at the pair in action from a recent show at Rebellion Bar

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