MIMR Review: Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘The Wandle Years’

With The Snake and The Snoozer still ringing in our ears, SDOS return with more fury and fuelled chaos with new single ‘The Wandle Years’ and it’s about time we heard more thunder punk antics that the trio effortlessly create.

And times are certainly sweet at the moment for the band having just been added to record label Society Of Losers impressive roster of acts and a brand new EP out before the year is out too!

‘The Wandle Years’ is frantic and frighteningly chaotic in equal measure, noise-rock never sounded so bruising and it’s electrifying riffs and pulsating thumps that lead to a ear-bashing experience.

Watch out for the EP out in November, spoiler alert! it’s bloody immense. They play Society Of Losers showcase ‘Loserpalooza’ at Aatma and The Peer Hat this weekend (25th August) along with a few of MIMR fave acts including The Empty Cage and Slowhandclap.

Get on board with Sweet Deals, always a mind blowing time guaranteed!

Check out the track here:

More info on Loserpalooza gig here:


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