MIMR Review: Octopus ‘Kaleidoscope’

With the Manchester music scene forever evolving with a whole host of diverse acts trying to find their place, new bands can come along and find it hard to get themselves noticed. So it takes a band with some special qualities to make that immediate impact to stand out and this next band on MIMR certainly have the tools to succeed.

Octopus are a manchester quartet that have a fresh and vibrant sound that will make a lot of heads nod and toes tap for sure. They’re debut single ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a clean, catchy track with plenty of energy and delightful hooks reminiscent of the britpop swagger that hit us in the 90s (Charlatans, Ride, Shed Seven etc)

Add glorious vocals and springy guitars throughout and your onto a real winner, jangle pop at its sweetiest. Octopus are ready to take their sound to the masses, another new band in this city to keep a close eye on, trust me!

Octopus strut their stuff in Manchester at the following gigs:

August 29th: Band On The Wall

September 3rd: Big Hands

September 26th: Night People

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