MIMR Review: Broomhead ‘Who Are You?’

The soothing sounds of Broomhead are next to grace us at MIMR and this manchester act will gently tug at your heartstrings with their latest single ‘Who Are You?’ released last week (Aug 24th) Taken from last year’s sparkling ‘Petrichor Pt.1’ EP, this glossy, polished arrangement is a joyous concoction of emotionally charged vocals andContinue reading “MIMR Review: Broomhead ‘Who Are You?’”

MIMR Review: Jamie Wrecs ‘You Don’t Know’

Singer/Songwriter Jamie Wrecs struts his stuff on latest track ‘You Don’t Know’ the follow up to the breezy, sing-a-long ‘San Francisco’ which gained pleasing acclaim from many. ‘You Don’t Know’ is a indie stomper with hints of psychedelic rock running through the veins of the track. The perfect blend of intense guitars and lyrics thatContinue reading “MIMR Review: Jamie Wrecs ‘You Don’t Know’”

MIMR Review: Octopus ‘Kaleidoscope’

With the Manchester music scene forever evolving with a whole host of diverse acts trying to find their place, new bands can come along and find it hard to get themselves noticed. So it takes a band with some special qualities to make that immediate impact to stand out and this next band on MIMRContinue reading “MIMR Review: Octopus ‘Kaleidoscope’”

MIMR Review: Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘The Wandle Years’

With The Snake and The Snoozer still ringing in our ears, SDOS return with more fury and fuelled chaos with new single ‘The Wandle Years’ and it’s about time we heard more thunder punk antics that the trio effortlessly create. And times are certainly sweet at the moment for the band having just been addedContinue reading “MIMR Review: Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘The Wandle Years’”

MIMR Review: Whyte Horses ‘Never Took The Time’

Based in Manchester MIMR introduces Whyte Horses, a dreamy pop experience which is unlike anything we’ve heard in a while on the blog. ‘Never Took The Time’ released 26th July is a majestic piece of music with a blissfully smooth delivery which is hard not to be stirred by. With their brilliant album ‘Empty Words’Continue reading “MIMR Review: Whyte Horses ‘Never Took The Time’”