MIMR Best of 2018 so far: Albums

So we’ve reached that point of the year where we reflect on what records our ears have enjoyed and 2018 has been a expectional one already. Here are MIMR top 20 albums of 2018 so far!

20. Dom Fricot ‘Deserts’

19. Georgia Fearn ‘Perfect On Paper’

18. Chris Tavener ‘Is He Joking’ (Live)

17. Say Sue Me ‘Where We Were Together’

16. ILL ‘We Are ILL’

15. Safari Gold ‘Safari Gold’

14. The Immediate ‘More Sheep Than Humans’

13. The Longcut ‘Arrows’

12. Happy Accidents ‘Everything But Here and Now’

11. Beach Skulls ‘Las Dunas’

10. Peur ‘Explorer’

9. The Spook School ‘Could It Be Different’

8. False Advertising ‘Belligerent’

7. The Stayawakes ‘Dogs and Cats/Living Together’

6. Seazoo ‘Trunks’

5. The Orielles ‘Silver Dollar Moment’

4. The Maple State ‘The Things I Heard At the Party’

3. Eitha Da ‘Voma’

2. Claw The Thin Ice ‘Wanderlust Of Venus’

1. Liines ‘Stop-Start’

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