MIMR Review: Careering ‘Wine Giant’

Packing a almighty punch from the word go Wine Giant is a record that pummels your brain with wave after wave of punk agnst and attitude, a real hair-raising ride.

The creators of this explosive sound are newly formed 5 piece Careering who consist of members of northern shoegazers Leatherneck and led by Rob of MIMR faves Sweet Deals On Surgery and RobotAlien, already proving to be a turbo-charged combo.

Ferocious beats and frantic guitars go hand in hand throughout the EP with Boxticker and Piss Artist deserving special praise. Polictical motivated track Richest Part Of Town ain’t afraid to tell how it really is and it’s lyrically brutal triade demonstrates a band that mean business.

The pulsating EP comes to a thrilling finale with Careful Now showcasing more electric vocals and riffs at breakneck speed.

Careering in their short time of being in existence have already showed that they will make their permanent stamp on the Manchester music scene and expect it to be a siren of noise.

Check out the EP here:

Follow them on FB for info on the band and upcoming shows:


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