MIMR Best of 2018 so far: Albums

So we’ve reached that point of the year where we reflect on what records our ears have enjoyed and 2018 has been a expectional one already. Here are MIMR top 20 albums of 2018 so far! 20. Dom Fricot ‘Deserts’ 19. Georgia Fearn ‘Perfect On Paper’ 18. Chris Tavener ‘Is He Joking’ (Live) 17. SayContinue reading “MIMR Best of 2018 so far: Albums”

MIMR Best of 2018 so far: EPs

Here are the top 20 EPs of this year so far, there’s been some brilliant music in 2018 from some of MIMR favourite acts. 20. Future Coda ‘Signs To Prepare’ 19. Digital Garden Party ‘Digital Garden Party’ 18. Jekyll ‘Jekyll’ 17. Marla Singer ‘Out Of Your Hands’ 16. Scuttlers ‘We Are Scuttlers’ 15. Edits ‘Re-Surface’Continue reading “MIMR Best of 2018 so far: EPs”

MIMR Review: Ace Motel ‘Still With Me’

Its a welcome return to the blog for Georgia and Kamil aka Ace Motel and their latest single enhances their pleasing sound to the next level. The indie-pop duo are ready to make great waves in Manchester with their pulsing, mesemerising echo which really grips you tight. ‘Still With Me’ shines brightly throughout with sparklingContinue reading “MIMR Review: Ace Motel ‘Still With Me’”

MIMR Review: Careering ‘Wine Giant’

Packing a almighty punch from the word go Wine Giant is a record that pummels your brain with wave after wave of punk agnst and attitude, a real hair-raising ride. The creators of this explosive sound are newly formed 5 piece Careering who consist of members of northern shoegazers Leatherneck and led by Rob ofContinue reading “MIMR Review: Careering ‘Wine Giant’”