MIMR Band Chat: Queasy

2018 has already been a great year for music in Manchester and one of the many successful acts plying their skills are Alt-Rock foursome Queasy which made them the ideal choice to be MIMR featured band of this month.

We spoke to the band ahead of the release of their latest single ‘Fed To The Wolves’ which is out 29th March as well as the launch gig at The Castle Hotel.

MIMR: Great pleasure to have our featured band of the month Queasy on MIMR, tell us about the upcoming single, what’s it about and who in the band takes charge of the songwriting or is it a collective effect as a band?

Queasy: It’s about being powerless, when you do your best but people still shit all over you. There’s always someone that wants to shit on you. All the tunes normally start by jamming. We’ll record bits on phones, listen back and decide whether we should or shouldn’t use it. Jack normally then just tries to make a melody by singing over what the rest of us have done. It’s always nonsense at first, for example he was singing about bathing in bacon the other day, don’t think that’ll stick though. He’ll then write lyrics in his own time and come back with them.

MIMR: You have some headline shows coming up, what’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Queasy: Collectively, probably exercising and it being fun .

MIMR: There’s been a considerable increased buzz around the band since the start of the New Year, what future plans do you have for Queasy?

Queasy: We’ve put a deposit down on a sizeable Caribbean island, so when that’s finalised and we move there, that’ll be good. The NME cover shoot should be good, the Grammys is always a good crack too. We’re also gonna do our first E.P in the summer, and an autumn tour to support it.

MIMR: What other bands are currently ones you would recommend we listen out for?

Queasy: Boy Azooga, Psyblings, Voodoo Blood, Sorry, Husky Loops, Salt the Snail, Emperor Phunk, Rival Bones, Jane Doe, Slowhandclap, Good foxy, Little illusion machine, Chalk, Desert storm, Shame, Premium leisure, Scruffy bear, Maruja to name a few.

MIMR: Many thanks to being on the blog, its been a joy to have you as our featured band of the month, how can people follow you on social media?

Queasy: Everything is @queasyuk apart from our Snapchat which is hotsweatymen93

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