MIMR Review: Gravves ‘Power Bomb Baby’

Rip-roaring they’re way back on the blog are MIMR fave noise-rockers Gravves with their atomic new track ‘Power Bomb Baby’ another example of the thrill a second racket the north walian trio can produce.

‘Oh, The Joy’ a 6 track EP is set to be released April 27th through Loner Noise Records and it has all the makings of being a record that will eclipse their previous endeavours.

Power Bomb Baby is in your face, loud, boistrous and a lightning track, full of frantic vocals, crashing beats and blistering guitars.

Now the band are all set to unleash their fury back on the live circuit with the trio already having secured some notable festival slots including 2 performances at this years Focus Wales.

So it’s a no brainer, Gravves are here to stay and their latest efforts are going to blow your socks off, ‘Oh the joy’ indeed!

The video premiered over at Upset Magazine yesterday. Stay tuned to the blog for more from Gravves coming very soon!


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