MIMR Band Chat: Tracksuit Town

Manchester based Dream pop band Tracksuit Town take you on a wonderous journey with their debut EP ‘Fags and Cherryade’ full of danceable songs and glittering highs.

I spoke to the band about the EP and their influences

Fantastic to have Tracksuit Town on the blog, introduce yourselves and what made you form the band?

TT: Hi guys, we’re tracksuit town and we thought that would be cool to upload our stuff to bandcamp haha, we are not really looking for something further, boys just wanna have fun.

How do you plan this year to go for the band?

TT: Would be sick if we could just play around some nasty clubs around manny and get some money.

Tell us all about Fags and Cherryade EP, how did it come about? and what influences did you draw upon to make it?

TT: We think we are a good band to listen when you are in home having some Vimto Squash and smoking fags, that’s how we made our first EP, basically our life is like that. We like loads of bands, but maybe our influences here are Frankie Cosmos, Terri vs Tory (shout out to them) and The Bucket Hats (shout out to them) .

Here at MIMR we look forward to catching you guys play live in the near future, what live band have you seen in the past that has blown you away?

TT: We love crazy gigs, with drunk people and everyone moshing so we would say The Libertines for example. But the last band that blown us away was Terri vs Tory.

Thanks for chatting to MIMR, how can people listen to some tunes?

TT: Just https://tracksuittown.bandcamp.com . Anyway if someone want a private free (well, we accept beer in return) gig: Corporation St. 113 đŸ˜‰

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