MIMR Band Chat: Sonic AM

This months featured band on MIMR are Punk rock trio Sonic A.M who have made a thunderous impression with their full throttle sound really hitting the mark.

With some very interesting plans ahead i spoke to Niall (Guitar/Vocals) from the band to get the lowdown.

Welcome to MIMR, how best would you describe your sound and what influences do you have?

Niall: We generally say ‘pop in a hockey mask’. A lot of hooks and riffs but drenched in as much aggression as we can muster. I think we channel a lot of old school punk, especially the whole DC scene in America – fugazi are a huge influence. Though I spent a lot of my teen years listening to more indie rock type things, like The Cribs and The Dismemberment Plan, which i know I draw a lot of inspiration from.

So what can we expect from the band in 2018?

Niall: Right now we are sitting on an album – it’s a little bit of a concept record with some strong themes but most of all it’s the 9 strongest songs in our discography. Some of the songs we wrote years and years ago and some are more recent, but I’m really proud of how it all flows together and makes sense as an album. That’ll be out before the end of the year for sure. Other than that we are looking to get as many gigs as we can and generally getting on people’s radars.

We are very happy to have you as our featured band of the month for february, which band would you most like to support and why?

Niall: I’d love to support Idles. They’re a band with a lot of similar ethics to us, plus they’re a bit scary which is always good. The Cribs would also be mind blowing.

5 cds you could take with you if you had to live on a desert island, which ones would they be?

Niall: Emergency and I – The Dismemberment Plan // The Moon and Antarctica – Modest Mouse // The money store – Death Grips // Kid A – Radiohead // Twin fantasy – Car Seat Headrest. I like anything with strong emotions and crazy sounds.

Thanks for chatting to MIMR, all the best for this year. How can people follow you guys on social media?

Niall: Find us on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Spotify and bandcamp:




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