MIMR Review: Edits ‘Re-Surface’ EP

One of the 1st records to really get MIMR juices flowing in 2018 comes in the form of good friends of the blog, Liv and Chris who make up Synth-pop duo Edits with this being their latest offering ‘Re-surface’ soaring their atmospheric sound even higher.

Released January 19th the manchester pair powerfully show their prowess through a blistering, mesmerising 5 tracks, that make ‘Re-surface’ a treasure trove of hidden gems.

Tongue-tied is a synth-laden track with haunting vocals and gripping riffs to boot. While MIMR favourite track Don’t Speak brings Liv’s powerful vocal range to the party, equally complimented by striking guitars throughout.

The dark undertones of Let Me In are apparent from the start with their electronic sound piercing your brain. Satellite is a much more mellow affair, brimming with soothing synths which build to a cruscendo which shivers and tingles your mind.

Closing track Poison comes with thumping beats and crushing riffs, a track with brutal attitude and the perfect way to end this cosmic journey.

Re-Surface is a record overflowing with high points and layered beautifully with a mixture of delightful synths and heartfelt vocals as well as some monstrous guitars. Edits may well be on to a good thing here, lets all rejoice and submerge ourselves in the joyous sound.

You can check the EP out here:

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