MIMR Band Chat: Violet Youth

MIMR brought in the new year with the announcement of this next band being our featured Band of the month.

Having already been included in our Sounds of 2018 list and their brilliant EP ‘Primary Nature’ slotting nicely into our best of 2017 EP list, the dreamy, indie quartet from Blackburn have set their heights high for 2018 and we think that they will succeed!

Lead man Owen had a quick chat with us ahead of their Manchester headline show tonight, a link to listen to the EP will be at the end of the Band Chat.

MIMR: Great to have our featured band of the month Violet Youth on the blog, how best would you describe your sound?

Owen: Our sound is a mixture of all our music tastes, it’s broad; sometimes slow, sometimes high energy and fast paced. It’s dreamy, ambient and melodic.

MIMR: Your EP was widely praised, especially here at MIMR, are you pleased with the reaction the record got and are any more releases planned for this year?

Owen: We are pleased with the reaction it got yes, for the people who heard it there was massive positive feedback, but, we feel not enough people have heard it yet. There a plans for multiple releases this year and we are very excited for people to hear them

MIMR: You have a big headline show in Manchester coming very soon, tell us all about it and have you had any past memories of playing in Manchester?

Owen: Manchester has always been good to us, we’ve never headlined here so it’s a first, every time we have played Manchester in the past we’ve had a great reaction so we are excited to do it again. The line up for the gig is mega and I would advise anyone to come down early and make sure ur not missing seeing some great bands.

MIMR: Did any of the band have any new year resolutions?

Owen: We don’t have New Years resolutions as we think they are pointless, we set a goal 2 years ago and we plan on making it a reality, that’s all there is to it.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog and being our featured band for January, wish you all the best for 2018, how can people check you out on social media?

Owen: Search Violet Youth on Insta, Facebook and Twitter and you’ll find us easy enough, check out the Spotify and be excited for what’s coming in the near future x

Primary Nature

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