MIMR Band Chat: Ace Motel

First up on MIMR Band Chat in 2018 are Indie pop duo Ace Motel who are ready to unleash their soothing sounds to us all, Manchester prepare to be amazed.

MIMR spoke to Kammy and Georgia to discuss their future plans.


How did Ace Motel start up and what kind of influences do you draw upon to ceate your sound?

Ace Motel: We met at university, having been put in the same flat in our first year, and became instant friends. We both shared a love for music and began playing acoustic open mics together. As we became more confident, and realised how well we gelled creatively, we decided we should create our own sound. Kammy immersed himself in the production side of things and I, Georgia, focussed on vocals and lyrics. We had always shared an affinity for indie-rock but, by living together in Manchester with its diverse music culture, our musical tastes were broadened. To put it bluntly, we were a bit bored of indie-rock. We began experimenting by using vocal layers and unique combinations of sound, inspired by the music of The Japanese House, Bon Iver, and The XX. This style of music is what we wanted to aim towards, however we are influenced by multiple genres; essentially anything and everything we listen to. We never want to deprive ourselves of experimentation; almost all of our songs started off as an experiment, toying with guitar and unique sound compilations. We felt that there was a lot of originality lacking in the mainstream music we were listening to, and so we attempted to digress from what is considered to be the “conventional song structure” in a lot of our writing. We hope that our combinations of sound create a sense of the all-consuming atmosphere that you should be absorbed in when listening to music. We like to think we’ve been quite bold with some of our uses of sound; we even sampled the intercom announcement at a tram station in San Francisco! This one sample ultimately cultivated the entire premise and meaning of one of our songs. We are still best friends, living together in Manchester, and we have a lot of big plans for the year to come.

MIMR: What can we expect from you in 2018?

Ace Motel: The main focus at the moment is working towards our first EP, so we’re doing a lot of writing and recording for that. You can also expect some remixes, more videos, a possible mini-tour, and maybe even a short film! Playing as many live gigs and going to see as much live music as possible for inspiration is also definitely on the agenda. We have a lot of ideas, but like we said writing and recording is our priority.

MIMR: With social media being such a big tool for musicians nowadays, how would you rate your confidence with social media tools and how best would you use this in the future?

Ace Motel:

Aesthetic is very important to us in terms of individualising Ace Motel as a brand, and so social media is an ideal platform to promote this through photos and videos. For us, I think it is important that image and sound go hand-in-hand to create that “atmosphere” I previously mentioned. Also, social media is obviously useful to keep up to date with musical trends and, more importantly, to create as much hype around the band and to promote our music as much as possible.

MIMR: Do you have any new years resolutions?

Ace Motel: In general, for both of us, a new years resolution is most definitely to start waking up a lot earlier to try and get as much work as possible! In terms of the band, our main aims are to keep working hard, play more shows, and release music that is constantly improving. We’re really hoping that 2018 is a big and successful year for us.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, if there was any song you could take credit for, which one would it be and why?

Ace Motel: As a band I think we have to choose “33 God” by Bon Iver. They are a huge inspiration to us, and this song has such an emotional impact and meaning despite the fact that it is so ambiguous. This, alongside with its use of samples and unconventional structure, is what we aspire to be able to create ourselves. To us, it is pretty much a perfect song.

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