MIMR Best of 2017: Albums

As we prepare to wave goodbye to 2017 it’s safe to say that it’s been a top notch 12 months for albums from some of top signed and unsigned acts, many that have featured on the blog during the year.

Here is the MIMR top 50 records of the year.

25. Hegarty ‘Selling Soul To Sanity’

24. Cross Wires ‘Living In A Radio City’

23. Megaflora ‘Redwoods’

22. Sweet Baboo ‘Wild Imagination’

21. Alpha Male Tea Party ‘Health’

20. Lush Purr ‘Cuckoo Waltz’

19. Embers ‘Part Of The Echoes’

18. Cowards ‘Teeth’

17. Menace Beach ‘Lemon Memory’

16. Danny Gruff ‘Danny Gruff’

15. Pet Crow ‘ A Simple Guide To Small and Medium Pond Life’

14. Scholars ‘ Arts and Grafts’

13. Say Sue Me ‘Say Sue Me’

12. The Immediate ‘Manbuoy’

11. Happyness ‘Write In’

10. The Big Moon ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’

9. Pinact ‘The Part That No One Knows’

8. Lab Coast ‘Remember The Moon’

7. Dutch Uncles ‘Big Balloon’

6. Horsebeach ‘Beauty and Sadness’

5. Loom ‘Loom’

4. Cull ‘2A/T3’

3. The Roseville Band ‘Blood’

2. The slovaks ‘Get Down’

1. Sprinters ‘Sprinters’

MIMR Best of 2017: EPs

Probably one of my favourite part of the blog is where we look back at the last 12 months of superb music from some of MIMR favourite acts and 2017 has certainlt been a bumper year.

Here’s the rundown of MIMR top 50 EPs of 2017

50. Dream Nails ‘Dare To Care’

49. Finola ‘Waterworks’

48. Scott Lloyd ‘In The Garden’

47. Jaayns ‘Bright White Yellow’

46. Demur ‘Demur’

45. Shiners ‘Now’

44. Til Howl ‘Til Howl EP’

43. Flashes ‘Rzhev’

42. Meadowlark ‘Postcards’

41. Nelson Can ‘Ep3’

40. SPQR ‘The House That Doubt Built’

39. Beaumont ‘Honestly’

38. King Kartel ‘Part Of The Plan’

37. Callow Saints ‘Twisted Hazel’

36. The Vinyl Reprisal ‘Graffiti EP’

35. The 99 Degree ‘The Boot Hill Surf Club’

34. Pleasure House ‘Sentient’

33. The Night Cafe ‘Get Away from The Feeling’

32. Sisteray ’15 Minutes’

31. Sleeptalking ‘Oh Isnt it Strange’

30. Lyerr ‘In Principio’

29. Useless Cities ‘New Feelings’

28. Jellyskin ‘Jellyskin’

27. Maddie Jones ‘Dis-ar-ray’

26. Robotalien ‘High Hopes’

25. Accrogeist ‘Something To Repair Me’

24. Kaleiders ‘Something To Make You Feel Better’

23. Bruja ‘Evil Creepy’

22. Slow Canyons ‘Slow Jamz Vol.1’

21. Cynthia’s Persicope ‘Papier-mache Planet’

20. Gathering Of Strangers ‘Gathering Of Strangers’

19. Isabella Crowther ‘Let The Light Through’

18. The Immediate ‘Mold EP’

17. Colour Of Spring ‘E.P’

16. Violet Youth ‘Primary Nature’

15. Milk Teeth ‘Go Away’

14. Young States ‘Past Truths, Present Lies’

13. Ambiere ‘Tree Of Life’

12. Scab Hand ‘Scab Hand EP’

11. Beach Royals ‘Trap Door Music’

10. Champion Of Youth ‘Champion Of Youth EP’

9. Campfire Social ‘Wellbeing’

8. Gravves ‘Rattle’

7. Peaness ‘Are You Sure’

6. Pool Art ‘Chamber Piece’

5. Crimsons ‘Shy Talk’

4. Flood Manual ‘How To Be Happy’

3. Kidsmoke ‘Save Your Sorrow’ 2. False Advertising ‘I would Be So Much Happier If I Stopped Caring’

1. La Bete Blooms ‘I Know It’s Nothing’

MIMR Advent Calendar: No.3 False Advertising

Next to pop up on MIMR Advent Calendar are noise-rock delights False Advertising who have had a pretty memorable year to say the least. MIMR has seen them develop from their striking early days, a raw breath of fresh air on the Manchester music scene and now they are a fully-fledged outfit, piercing the hearts of every person they perform for.

Another cracking EP ‘I would Be So Much Happier If I Stopped Caring’ was released with subsequent tour dates following but their high point of the year must of been their shows in america at SXSW which went down a storm.

So what next for the talented manchester trio, plenty more thrilling shows guaranteed, more cool tracks to be written and then maybe more steps can be taken to ensure their your favourite band, the best is yet to come, watch this space!

Head over the their website now for plenty of goodies:


MIMR Advent Calendar: No.2 The Hyena Kill

Storming their way through door 2 on MIMR Advent Calendar are the rip-rawing rock twosome The Hyena Kill and they’ve been tearing it up all over in 2017.

Off the back of the release of last years epic ‘Atomised’ record, the duo have taken the time to expand their sound to the next level, faster, harder, with epic-ness is guaranteed. They aint altogether been hiding away though, some big shows have been played including their massive Manchester headline show in September.

So record No.2 is in the making and the pair look set to blow more people away very soon, i bloody can’t wait.

Here’s just a taste of what to expect on the next record, recent single ‘Panic Womb’

MIMR Advent Calendar: No.1 Kidsmoke

As we head towards the end of another year of superb musical treats, MIMR looks back at the last 12 months and highlights some of the best acts to feature on the blog this year.

First up on MIMR Advent Calendar are best buds of the blog Kidsmoke who have certainly taken their heavenly indie grooves to another level this year. With the release of their EP ‘Save Your Sorrow’ hitting new and exciting heights, the indie-pop quartet from Wrexham have made many new friends and head into 2018 on a crest of a wave, MIMR says about bliming time too.

Check out their recent video for the track ‘Seabirds’ which is taken from their EP