MIMR Review: Flood Manual ‘Empathy

We finally get to see a band showing their true potential with Manchester’s Flood Manual taken their indie-rock sound up a extra few notches with the release of their much antcipated EP ‘How To Be Happy’ which was released 5th November.

The flannel rock quartet (we don’t know what that is either…) burst out with electrifying charm and brut power with triumphant melodies especially on MIMR highlight of the record ‘Empathy’.

This infectious concotion of spiralling guitars and delightful looping vocals are a joy to behold with elements of american alt-rock and shoegazey grooves making their mark from start to finish.

Members of the excellent Further Sky Records family Flood Manual have all the tools at their disposal to conquer all in their path, one listen to the EP and it’s a certainty that you will be happy!

The EP is available here:


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