MIMR Review: Maisie Johnson ‘Start Again’

Next up on MIMR we bring you the latest rip-roaring effort from Indie songstress Maisie Johnson who is starting to turn a few heads with ‘Start Again’ released yesterday (30th October) only cementing her position as a artist to watch.

Oozing uber coolness and talent by the bucket load Maisie is certain to make light of the competition and the track is a blissfull gaze into the talents that will lift her to the next exciting chapter.

I spoke to Maisie about the single and her future plans.

MIMR: Tell us about the new single Maisie, what’s it about and what influences does it draw upon?

Maisie: To be honest with this song it kinda just reflects on new beginnings and stuff! Nothing too smart haha just something everyone relates too, dependant on what they take from it as well. For me, I had just left a musical project when I wrote this, and started this one.

MIMR: How has this year been for you as an artist?

Maisie: It’s been great! I’ve learnt lots about myself as an artist and what I want from it, and it’s all been about establishing that I think? I’m just really excited for the next coming months, and what my music could potentially achieve if I work hard enough!

MIMR: What’s does the future hold for you, any goals you have set?

Maisie: I want to keep developing my sound, and do as much as possible. Haha and have a good time whilst I do it. And form a proper fan base.

MIMR: All set for Christmas, what is your favourite festive song?

Maisie: Oh wow. Guess it has to be The Pogues – Fairytale of New York. Can’t go wrong!

You can listen to the track right here!


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