MIMR Band Chat: Champion of Youth

A discovery of a new and exciting band is always a wonderful thing and the next band are no exception. MIMR presents Alt-pop groovers Champion Of Youth who are ready to speak up and be counted in the current, vibrant and bussling manchester music scene.

I spoke two members of the band to talk about their music and the joys of playing live.

MIMR: It’s great pleasure we welcome another new band to the blog. Who are Champion Of Youth and was it clear from the start which direction your music would go in?

JOHN AMMIRATI (vocals, guitars): Thank you. Champion of Youth is/are Scott, Drew, Seb, James and me, doing our thang in Manchester.
I don’t know if the direction of the music was clear from the start. My imagination is very limited, so I like to be surprised.

SCOTT CHALLINOR (drums): I think so, we always seem to be working towards a cohesive sound for us as a band. We have many disagreements about parts of songs and structures but it’s always the music that benefits from those discussions.

MIMR: Really enjoying the EP at the moment, tell us more about the making of these tracks and will they be proceeded by more releases in the near future?

JA: Thank you very much. We thank Christ we got to record with Keir Stewart at Inch Studio. He’s a badass. A beautiful man. He’s worked with the Fall, Durutti Column, etc., he’s amazing. We recorded with Steve Hanley’s bass amp, Morrissey’s Viva Hate guitar, we loved it. Keir was decisive too, which we need because we can waffle and bicker like motherfuckers. We want to record the next batch of singles and the album with him too, but we haven’t told him yet. Do you think he’ll say yes?

SC: I loved playing the old Ludwig kit in the studio… I took so many takes just so I could play it for longer. Not sure which songs we’ll be recording next but I’m looking forward to getting started.

MIMR: If you could have written one song by any other artist/band which one would it be and why?

SC: ‘Schizophrenia’ by Sonic Youth. Love this song, chiming guitars, Steve Shelley at his best on the drums, Thurston and Kim’s voices used to full effect. One of my favourite songs.

JA: ‘Happy Birthday to You’, by the Hill sisters. I’d use the royalties to climb the Bridge to Total Freedom in a weekend intensive.

MIMR: Looking forward to catching a live show very soon, what’s your favourite thing about playing live?

SC: When songs come together to sound their best because of the pressure and adrenaline – either that or they fall apart.

JA: Playing live feels like nothing can go wrong, even when it does go wrong. And the shit does go wrong.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, where can we keep in the know with the band and listen to the EP?

SC: My favourite way to keep up with Champion of Youth news and most other artists is via Twitter (@CHAMPIONofYOUTH).

JA: You can subject yourself to our EP on Bandcamp or Spotify.

You can check out the EP here:


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