MIMR Band Chat: Foxglove

New kids on the block and already making waves on the local scene are shoegazey indie quartet Foxglove from Manchester with their vibrant melodies and mesmerising tones already gathering many fans.

I got bit more of a insight into the band not long after they played their biggest gig to date at Deaf Insitute last week, one of MIMR faveourite venues.

MIMR: Who are Foxglove and was it clear from the start what direction the band would take with your sound?

Foxglove: Foxglove formed in May 2016, when guitarist, Ryan Croney, drummer, Liam Croney, and bassist, David Acosta were on the lookout for a vocalist to complete their line-up after previously being in a band of a different genre to Foxglove’s current genre.

Messaging vocalist and guitarist, Abi White, (who had also previously been in a band of a different genre) on instagram asking if she would like to join, Abi went for a jam with the band and never looked back. It was then that Foxglove was born.

After the first practice, it was clear from the start what our ‘sound’ would be, we wanted to create dance/pop/indie tunes that stood out from the rest.

MIMR: How’s your year been so far as a band and what’s been your favourite moment?

Foxglove: It’s been amazing from the start. We’ve played at various venues across Manchester, including supporting The Wytches at Night and Day Café and playing our most recent gig at the Deaf Institute: our dream venue. We played in Liverpool and London in the earlier stages of the band, before going on to play at Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester, which was an absolute dream. We would say a highlight came when our first single was released and soon after it was chosen to be played by BBC Introducing Manchester who later then invited us in session, which is coming up in the next month where we will be performing our latest single, ‘Cheap Thrills’.

MIMR: What can we expect from Foxglove, more releases, more live shows, a bit of both perhaps?

Foxglove: Foxglove world domination! Haha, we have our first EP recorded which will be released in the near future and we are hoping to perform a number of live shows before Christmas, all of which you can catch up with through our Facebook page.

MIMR: If you could share a stage with any musician who would it be and why?

Foxglove: We all have different opinions for this as we all take inspiration from many different artists. For Ryan (guitar), he would like to share with either Wolf Alice or Enter Shikari for their energy. For Liam (drums) it would be The 1975 and Wolf Alice, for David it would be Tame Impala and Mutemath as they both evolved from rock to synth, inspiring people to be different and offering something different to the music industry. For Abi (singer) it would be Kylie, because she inspired her to start singing and performing after she first went to her concert when she was only 7 years old.

MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, where can people check out some music and follow you on social media?

Foxglove: We’re on Spotify and Apple Music and you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


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