MIMR Band Chat: The Hyena Kill

Ready to blow you away once again are Manchester’s very own dynamic rock duo The Hyena Kill fully charged for their biggest show to date this friday at Manchester Academy 3.

With new single ‘Panic Womb’ already being cranked up to the max on the blog, Steve and Lorna look set to take their ferocious noise to the next level.

I spoke to Steve about the upcoming headline show and what to expect from the new tunes!

MIMR: How’s mega has 2017 been so far?

Steve: Its been cool, we have a lot of the summer working on new material. Mainly jst trying to figure out where we wanted to go with the tunes. During this process a few little surprises popped up like our recent single ‘Panic Womb’ which just exploded out of nowhere.
We are back in the studio towards the end of year to put together the next record.

MIMR: Tell us about the headline show at Manchester academy?

Steve: Well its our biggest hometown headline show to date. Academy 3 is a wicked venue and always sounds class so we are hoping to make it a belter of a show. We also have really good supports. The Empty Page (MCR) and The Pearl hearts (LDN)

MIMR: What can we expect from the new material?

Steve: The new stuff is a bit of a mixed bag there are some really ambient, vibey tunes mixed with some really nasty horrible sounding stuff. Its basically us just writing the music we really like. We are never quite sure what is going to come out.

It’s not too late to get down this friday, grab your ticket here:


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