MIMR Band Chat: Waste

One of the breakthrough bands to make MIMR purr this year are rock 4 piece Waste and we were lucky enough to catch a few words with Jak (vocals/guitars) about their beginnings as a band and their brilliant new single.

MIMR: Great to have Waste on the blog, how did the band come about and was it clear from the start what musical direction the band would take?

Jak: Cheers for having us! The band formed after we went on a pretty eventful work trip together to Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Max, Lawrence and myself had recently started working for the same music company, we were staying together and decided to explore Frankfurt’s night life together.
Things escalated quickly and during the evening I was kidnapped by a wicked duo made up of a bouncer and a toothless old stripper – after being held for what seemed like a lifetime I eventually made my escape and was reunited with the boys only to find our hotel had been locked up for the night. We had to scale up the building and break into our window on the second floor…well at least we thought it was our window.

After such a lively night we decided that when we got back home we should start playing music together as a bit of fun after work, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The nice thing about how we started playing together was that there was never a conversation about what we should do, what should we try and sound like etc. We just got in a room and played. We spent a long time with lots of songs that didn’t have lyrics, we’d just play these instrumentals tracks over and over, but looking back I think that kind of worked in our favour. We would just play, come up with riffs, get to know each other and at the same time become a really tight band – it was all very natural I think.

MIMR: Tell us about the new single ‘Bullet’ and can we expect more new tracks before the year is out?

Jak: Bullet is our heaviest track to date, not only tonally but also lyrically it’s the darkest track we’ve written. This song came about in a very different way to how we usually would write. Lawrence and myself where down at London Road Studios late one night, there was a drum kit in the live room with just a couple of room microphones up that had been left over from a session. I’d had a recent obsession with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and I wanted to mess around on the drums and try and get a similar sound that they have on their records so Lawrence put a load of distortion plug ins on these room mic channels and I was playing a straight beat (I’m no drummer by any stretch of the imagination!) and just enjoying this lovely distorted sound coming through the headphones. All of a sudden Lawrence plays the riff that you hear throughout Bullet and I just said “What’s that?! It’s great!”. He records a take of it and then told me to get off the drums and let him play something along to the riff (a nice way of saying you’re shit at drums please stop!) Anyway before you know it we had a structure to a song and a demo down. I took it away and wrote the lyrics and then showed it to Max and Josh, they did their thing and the track just became this whole other beast.

Maybe it’s something we’ll do again in the future but it’s not the usual way that we do things. We’ve been writing again recently and are definitely hoping to release something before the year is up.

MIMR: What’s your favourite part about playing live?

Jak: Playing live is the best thing about being in a band! Our live show is something we work very hard at, you want people to come to your shows and have an amazing time and enjoy the night. When you discover a new band, fall in love with their story and their songs there is then no greater disappointment than going to see them play and the live show is just not up to scratch.

The biggest buzz and the best part about playing live is definitely seeing people get into it and enjoy themselves – fans give you so much – coming to the shows, buying merch, etc. that it’s only right that you make sure you put on a show for them.

MIMR: There’s been a constant buzz about the band from pretty early on in your journey, what’s been the most pleasing thing you’ve had said about the band and why?

Jak: Yes it’s been really nice, the reaction we’ve had from all the tracks we’ve put out there since the beginning. The most pleasing thing for me was one of the first ever reviews we had for our debut track Blow. It simply said “Waste sound more Rancho De La Luna than Stevenage”. For me that was a massive complement as even before we started the band the Rancho is somewhere I would and still do dream about recording. Some great albums have come out of that magical place in the Californian Desert and it was a real honour that someone felt that four lads from Stevenage in a Studio in Baldock had been able to capture something that was reminiscent of the sound and style achieved there.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by on the blog – festival season is in full swing, if you had to pick one to play which one would it be and why?

Jak: Thanks very much for having us. For me it would probably be a toss-up between two festivals – the obvious one is Glastonbury. I’ve never had the pleasure of being there myself but I feel that to play Glastonbury on the Pyramid stage would be the pinnacle of any bands career. The line-up was also pretty great this year.

Personally though it would have to be latitude festival in Suffolk. I went a few years back in 2012, the line-up was fantastic, the weather was unexpectedly great – I’ve never been so sun burned in my entire life – and just the whole vibe and atmosphere was very friendly, the whole weekend was just amazing.

There are stages tucked away in the woods, a stage in a lake and they even have colourful sheep…what more could you want from a festival! Like with lots of things in life though, if something was good first time around maybe you shouldn’t go back (although I bloody well will if I’m asked…) so for that reason I guess I’m going with Glastonbury.

Here’s the latest single ‘Bullet’

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