MIMR EP Exclusive: Pool Art ‘Chamber Piece

One of the Manchester acts that has really caught MIMR’s attention this year are noise-rock duo Pool Art and we are thrilled that their joyous efforts are now being unleashed in their debut EP ‘Chamber Piece’ released this friday (August 11th)

We spoke to Scott, one half of the dynamic twosome ahead of the EP release to share his thoughts and to delve deeper into the record

MIMR: How’s this year been so far for the band and how did the making of the new EP happen?

Scott: It’s been an interesting year to say the least. We did our first live streamed gig for Pirate Studios, which was a thrilling experience, we played our first show at Gullivers, which is a venue we’ve always loved, we’ve had lots of overwhelmingly positive stuff written about us and we’ve played with some incredible bands including Vulgarians and Lord Kesseli & the Drums. There’s been some tougher times though as Lee had a pretty horrible accident and managed to dislocate his knee, he’s on the mend now though.

The EP was recorded over two sessions and, as it’s our first, it’s been a process of working out our identity and allowing things space and time to progress naturally. It’s taken a while for these songs to materialise in this form, which seems sort of necessary in hindsight, but I think we’d like to work quicker from now on and release stuff more often. We’d love to be more prolific with output but in truth it is very tough whilst working and studying.

Here is the track by track lowdown on the new EP

Misery Porn – I’d never heard this term before, I picked it up from a film/TV podcast I listen to. One of the hosts used it to describe a TV show called The Leftovers and basically defined it as deliberately watching something that makes you feel depressed. It reminded me of that great lyric from Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle “I miss the comfort in being sad”, I suppose I interpret that as: allowing yourself to be consumed by something that you know isn’t good for you, simply because it’s familiar, which in fucked up way provides some sort of solace.

It’s A Hatewatch – It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that lots of our songs are influenced by film and TV and terminology related to them. Hatewatching is watching stuff that sucks just to sit there hating it and then talking shit about it with people, which can be very satisfying for a short time. The fact that this is our shortest song is sort of a reflection of how fickle audiences can be too. It’s also probably our most aggressive sound, I know it’s really pissed people off at some of our gigs. Succinctly it’s us, trying to get close to the genius of early HEALTH or Agata from Melt Banana.

Died Off Screen – This one’s a bit sillier so I’ll just say that it’s the song we enjoy most live. It’s definitely a signal of the darker direction that the lyrics are headed in too. There’s still plenty of humour though, it was sort of inspired by a joke about Schrödinger’s cat.

Gender Balance – Sometimes I just write about articles I read and bits from everywhere end up referenced in the lyrics so its not always about one thing. I think this is probably our most “pop” song, which we kind of realised at the time and so we ended up putting a long musical section at the end to try and fix that.

Don’t Feed Me To Them – This one is special. We were writing lots of grunge influenced tracks at the start that felt a little dated and unoriginal, then one night I sat in my lounge with all the pedals I owned and just started tweaking and changing the order and messing with the volume and tone on my guitar, which interacts very strangely with some of the pedals. The result was this song and it ended up influencing the sound of everything we’ve done since. I mentioned humour before, the vocal is sort of creepy in this song but I actually think the lyrics are quite funny.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog and thanks for giving us a insight into the new EP, wish you all the best with it. How can people listen to it?

Scott: When it’s released on August 11th you can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer

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