MIMR Review: Van Zeller ‘The Coward’

Making a furious racket are Bristol punk quartet Van Zeller and their voices are being heard loud and clear on their high-octane new single ‘The Coward’. Working with Tarek Musa from MIMR faves Spring King, the foursome burst into life with shredding riffs and vocals that strike straight through your bones, a track that won’tContinue reading “MIMR Review: Van Zeller ‘The Coward’”

MIMR Review: Carroll ‘Velvet’

We head to Philadelphia, USA for some eye-catching psych pop sounds from a quartet talked about as one of the most colourful and carefully honed indie rock acts around, MIMR introduces you to Carroll This stand-alone single showcases their engaging sound to another level, cool and groovy, psychedelic tones and vocals that have been beautifullyContinue reading “MIMR Review: Carroll ‘Velvet’”

MIMR Review: Esprit D’Air ‘Ignition’

Heavy Rock trio Esprit D’Air explode and excite with their latest single taken from their recently released new album ‘Constellations’, it shoots from both barrels and some! The london based threesome follow a strong DIY ethos which endears them to many within the music community including here at MIMR and their latest album was createdContinue reading “MIMR Review: Esprit D’Air ‘Ignition’”

MIMR Review: Young States ‘Over It By Now’

Coming out all guns blazing with the release of their blistering latest single are All-girl punk rock quartet Young States who look all set to deliver a power-punch to leave you forever reeling. Hailing from Norwich, the four-piece unleash this monster track, taken from their upcoming EP ‘Past Truths/Present Lies’ out Sept 29th and theContinue reading “MIMR Review: Young States ‘Over It By Now’”

MIMR EP Exclusive: Pool Art ‘Chamber Piece

One of the Manchester acts that has really caught MIMR’s attention this year are noise-rock duo Pool Art and we are thrilled that their joyous efforts are now being unleashed in their debut EP ‘Chamber Piece’ released this friday (August 11th) We spoke to Scott, one half of the dynamic twosome ahead of the EPContinue reading “MIMR EP Exclusive: Pool Art ‘Chamber Piece”

MIMR Review ‘Glass Hour ‘Burn’

Making a big impression on MIMR lately are Pop-rock quartet Glass Hour with a upbeat cut from their upcoming album out later this month. ‘Burn’ is a departure from the Montreal foursome’s usual piano and guitars arrangement, with a more electro feel consuming this latest effort. Packed full of joyous vocals and a well rounded,Continue reading “MIMR Review ‘Glass Hour ‘Burn’”

MIMR Review: Griff Lynch ‘Tynnu Dant’

Creeping up on many people’s radar at the moment is the euphoric sounds of welsh solo act Griff Lynch and this is evident on his latest effort, the welsh-spoken ‘Tynnu Dant’ transulated as ‘Extraction’ and it certainly hits all the right buttons. Now his 4th solo single, following the excellent MIMR fave track ‘Don’t CountContinue reading “MIMR Review: Griff Lynch ‘Tynnu Dant’”

MIMR Review: Waste ‘Bullet’

Tearing up all over the place are Rock foursome Waste with their lightning bolt of a track ‘Bullet’ released earlier this week (31st July) The stevenage quartet unleash some of their heaviest and darkest material yet and it’s a blinding fury of striking riffs and blaring vocals that realy leave you paralysed with all kindContinue reading “MIMR Review: Waste ‘Bullet’”

MIMR Review: Cynthia’s Periscope ‘Mother Of Pearl’

A familiar face returns to the blog but under a different persona and it’s one to stand up and take notice. Taken from the recently released EP ‘Claustrophilia’ this lead single submerges into a heavenly electro-pop discovery with eye-catching results. Cynthia’s Periscope is the electro-pop project of Paul Maurice, ex frontman of MIMR faves YoungContinue reading “MIMR Review: Cynthia’s Periscope ‘Mother Of Pearl’”