MIMR Review: Floral Scene ‘Esteem’

Indie-pop quartet Floral Scene triumphantly return to the blog with their latest effort ‘Esteem’ released last week and it only serves as a reminder that they are making giant strides to make lasting impressions on a ever-increasing following.

‘Esteem’ is a happy go lucky song with plenty of pop charm, flickering beats and groovy hooks along the same vibes as Jamie T/Rat Boy amongst others.

Get addicted to the track, now available on SoundCloud and make them your new favourite band!

MIMR Review: Slow Canyons ‘The Long Ride Home’ 

Slow Canyons is a bedroom pop project produced by Matthew Kenworthy and it’s hazey, lo-fi style struck a instant chord here on MIMR.

This opening track from ‘Slow Jamz Vol.1 a collections of recordings recently released, demonstrate the smooth, silky guitars and atmospheric vocals that make his sound so infectious to listen to.

The summery, chilled out feel continues throughout the demos now available over on Bandcamp and we may have found another Manchester act to shout about.

Put your feet up and experience the ambient, glittery world that Mr Kenworthy has certainly created. Look out for more official releases in the near future but for now lose yourself in his blissfull sounds.


MIMR Review: Berries ‘Wild Vow’

Berries have been cited in many top tens and had airplay on Amazing Radio and XFM, deservedly so. Their live shows have a reputation of being fierce.

The band sound like they have locked themselves in a garage and emerged bleary eyed with this riffy-guitar led new single. The vocals are Cranberries-esque (not everyone might hear this but it popped out for me) which makes for an interesting mix, it works well with the lo-fi style backing vocals. The riffs are sludgey and complimented by precise drums with clever changes of energy, but it’s the guitar solo that will get stuck in your head.

This is a great follow up to last years Lights, will be interesting to hear what comes next.

Catch them next:

22nd July – Tramlines Fringe Festival for Northern Crossroads Promotions at The Church House Inn, Sheffield.





MIMR Review: Seegulls ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’

Seegulls have always had a driving drumbeat bolstering their songs, their last release Seegulls EP matches that with clever guitar riffs that gave more of the indie sound they have come to be compared to, the likes of The Strokes etc.


This new tune Eat, Lazarus, Eat has that same solid beat but with less breaks and more swirling guitars that make for a heavier sound for the band. James Kitchen’s voice has an addictive quality, it’s not particularly unusual but it just has that certain tone that makes you want to keep listening, like tuneful gruffness, reminiscent of Graham Coxon.

The B-side Mother is an ode to the band that has been up and down the country playing to handfuls of people. Those moments when you wonder if you’re doing the right thing and what constitutes a ‘good’ show to go and do. Anyone who plays in a band will relate to this.

It would be nigh on impossible to listen to Eat, Lazurus, Eat without your shoulders involuntarily trying to keep up with the beat. You’d certainly pay attention if you happened to catch them at a festival or on a lineup in the city. I’m glad to hear they’ve made the move to Manchester, looking forward to seeing them on bigger stages.





MIMR Band Chat: Puppet Theory

Puppet Theory are a indie pop quartet based in Manchester who are causing quite a stir with their crunching and energetic sound which has already gathered a strong following.

Here at MIMR we were very pleased to catch up with Chris from the band to talk about the new single and what to expect from Puppet Theory in 2017.

MIMR: Hey, so what’s new with the band?

Chris: Hey hey! Everything! The single is shiny and new with new t-shirts to go with it! We’ve got shows around the country over the next few months which is proper exciting! As well as that, we’re all buying new guitars, we’ve got new songs which fans will only be able to catch live until later in the year so it’s a really exciting time. Mad busy, but mad exciting!

MIMR: Can you describe your music to everyone and was it clear from the start what musical direction the band would take?

Chris: People who like bands like Circa Waves, The Hunna and Catfish and the Bottlemen should check us out. Our songs are energetic with catchy choruses. We class ourselves as an indie-rock band but we’ve got influences from pop-punk bands like You Me At Six and Paramore and if you know that then you can hear it coming through in our tracks. We never sat down and said ‘let’s sound like this’ but Chris and Johnny are the main writers of the band and so their influences obviously steer the direction of the tracks as they get written, if that makes sense!

MIMR: Fantastic to hear your latest single, whats it about and can we expect more releases this year?

Chris: I, The King is so, so relatable. It’s about when a relationship ends and you start talking or meeting new people but every time you think you’re over the hill you get a twang of memories and everything seems to remind you of your old flame. Lyrics like ‘you act like her, it’s uncanny’ and ‘this mess of web that you’ve thread…is throbbing in my head’ really sing out that message. You’re trying so hard to make things work: ‘Tell me the place and I will go’, but sometimes you just aren’t ready. It’s emotional, fiery and angry.

We’ve got another release coming in September so keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s called Papillon and it’s probably our favourite song that we’ve written together so far!

MIMR: If you could tour with any band past or present which one would it be and why?

Chris: Wow, erm… a couple of us saw Biffy Clyro recently and they were just so awesome and not too dissimilar to us. That would be cool. Although I reckon Johnny would quite fancy The Beatles screaming girls!

MIMR: Thanks chaps for talking to us here at MIMR, wish you all the best for the rest of 2017, how can we keep in touch with whats going on with the band?

Chris: We’re always available on all the usual stuff and we absolutely love getting in touch with our fans. We feel that it’s really important to actually talk to fans rather than just shove a post in their faces and leave it there. So say hello on Twitter or Instagram @puppet_theory and we’ll speak to you soon!

Check out the video for the new single ‘I, The King’ here:

MIMR Review: La Bete Blooms ‘Lost and Found’

MIMR have not been shy when it comes to showing it’s admiration for this next band and this continues with their latest track ‘Lost and Found’ from Post-punkers La Bete Blooms ‘ which was unleashed last month.

The Hull quartet hit the heights with their EP ‘I Know It’s Nothing’ earlier in the year and it slammed straight to the top spot in our Best Of 2017 EPs so far list on the blog recently. 

Electrfying riffs, and burning vocals echo throughout their latest creation and follows much of what MIMR finds so addictive about the band that can do no wrong.

Here’s the track in all it’s angry glory, enjoy!

MIMR Review: Spinn ‘Notice Me’

Dream-Pop quartet Spinn are the next new band on our radar and their brand of jangly pop hooks and delightfully, sweet tones are a joy to our earlobes.

In the same vain as Two Door Cinema club and early Bombay bicycle club, the foursome from Liverpool effortlessly glide along with this latest track, a essential track for the summertime.

With a 1st headline gig in liverpool selling out and plenty of press interest glued onto Spinn at the moment, its safe to say that the future looks bright and MIMR has discovered a new favourite band too.

Check out the track here and why not follow them on Facebook too.