MIMR Review: Tigercub ‘The Divided States Of Us

Exploding from the blocks on MIMR are Brighton noise-rock trio Tigercub as they set out to cement their prowess as a force to be reckoned with and they are certainly going full pelt with some exciting plans.

Their latest track ‘The Divided States of Us’ is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Evolve or Die’ released via Alcopop Records 29th Sepetember and will be one of the 1st pay-what-you-want vinyl releases, the 1st batch of which is already sold out.

The track kicks into gear with purposeful gusto and ferocious intent, sparking a fury of crushing riffs and monemental beats unlike anything you will hear this year.

Their live show is where the threesome realy come to life and 2017 will mark the turning point as their ever-growing presence is ready to smother a greater following. Already having supported buds, the mighty Royal Blood, they also have some key festival appearances including a slot at Reading/Leeds end of August.

Do us a favour and don’t hestitate to get on down with Tigercub and watch them roar.

Here’s the track:

Head on down to their website for all the latest news including the pre-order of their latest record:


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