MIMR Band Chat: Cowards

Synth-pop outfit Cowards are the latest breakthrough act to explode onto MIMR this year and we are very happy to spread their sound to a much wider audience. Another talented band to come from Manchester released their excellent debut record ‘Teeth’ earlier this year and we spoke to the band about the record and how the band came about

MIMR: Very warm welcome to Cowards, how did the band come about and what influences do you have when creating sound?

Cowards: Grant and I have been in the band for about 10 years together. In the same way if you take a brush and change its head then a year later change its handle it is the same brush, but also a new brush, Cowards is both our first and 14th brush. But this latest brush is by far our most effective influence wise its changed over the years. we have a patchwork approach i think. I think our song structures and percussion comes from dance music of all sorts such as Burial, Aphex Twin and some dance infused bands like Yeasayer. My vox influences vary massively song to song from Liars on something like Polar Bear, to Beck, to Thom Yorke. I fallen out of love with the guitar over the years and despite it being my instrument i now never really listen to guitar music. we all love inventive synths sounds from Brian Eno through to Hudson Mohawk.

MIMR: Became fully engrossed in your album release earlier this year, how did the recording process go and are you happy with the reception it got?

Cowards: Thanks! the recording process was geologically slow. wanted to make a proper ‘studio album’. we decided not to worry about live at all and just commit to spending a weekend every month locked away at Blueprint Studios producing and writing the album ourselves. i think allowing the process to breath meant we ended up with a fairly coherent album which belies the fact that we started with 10-12 tracks recorded in different locations and times which all sounded massively different, like each one was written by a different band. Fall Asleep is the oldest song and sounds remarkably similar to the version I was playing at uni over 10 years ago. Others are old but have been dramatically reworked in the studio. Something like Open Letter was a major production number before we hit the studio – live kit, rock guitar etc. but in the studio we were inspired to strip it back. and then there are some tracks that were completely written in the studio (i.e. Crawler). 

We’re thrilled with the reception we’ve got from the people who have taken the time to listen. we’ve had people love the whole thing, others really love 1 or 2 tracks but don’t get the rest, others still really don’t like it. to be honest we’d far rather prefer that than the general consensus being ‘yeah its ok’. to be honest though we’d love for it to be heard more widely. we’re rubbish at self promotion.

MIMR: Festival season is in full swing, what would be your must-bring item for a weekend in the sun/rain?

Cowards: Some very strong drugs or alcohol. that way even if the very worst should happen i won’t care.

MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, how can we keep in touch with you on social media?

Cowards: we are extremely poor at social media. we’re working on it but follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere!

Cowards album ‘Teeth’ is available to listen to here, it featured in our best of list recently and is a cracking record:


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