MIMR Review: Seegulls ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’

Seegulls have always had a driving drumbeat bolstering their songs, their last release Seegulls EP matches that with clever guitar riffs that gave more of the indie sound they have come to be compared to, the likes of The Strokes etc.


This new tune Eat, Lazarus, Eat has that same solid beat but with less breaks and more swirling guitars that make for a heavier sound for the band. James Kitchen’s voice has an addictive quality, it’s not particularly unusual but it just has that certain tone that makes you want to keep listening, like tuneful gruffness, reminiscent of Graham Coxon.

The B-side Mother is an ode to the band that has been up and down the country playing to handfuls of people. Those moments when you wonder if you’re doing the right thing and what constitutes a ‘good’ show to go and do. Anyone who plays in a band will relate to this.

It would be nigh on impossible to listen to Eat, Lazurus, Eat without your shoulders involuntarily trying to keep up with the beat. You’d certainly pay attention if you happened to catch them at a festival or on a lineup in the city. I’m glad to hear they’ve made the move to Manchester, looking forward to seeing them on bigger stages.





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