MIMR Band Chat: Night Owls

Hailing from Leeds, the next band to come under the MIMR microscope are Grunge-pop trio Night Owls and they’ve certainly made their mark on the blog, with new single ‘Out Of My Head’ a MIMR favourite track of the year so far.

I spoke to lead man Will from the band about the single, memorable gigs and festivals.

MIMR: Introducing a brand new band to MIMR, the brilliant Grunge-pop trio Night Owls. How has this year been for the band so far?

Will: This year has been quite a roller coaster actually, after being so busy last summer we kind of took some time towards the back end of 2016 to write and record our new stuff. We didn’t play any gigs for AGES (actually not that long but it felt like forever) as we were trying to find our perfect drummer, then voila we found the love of our lives (Dom) and a week after our first rehearsal with Dom we supported Cloud Nothings and played to a packed room at the Brudenell…so yeah, slow to start and now things a picking up again, which is nice!

MIMR: Tell us about your latest track ‘Out of My Head’, whats it about and what musical influences inspire you to create your sound?

Will: I guess ‘Out of My Head’ is a song for those who are afraid to let go of something that’s no good for you. Whatever that may be – relationships, family, jobs, addiction, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. I guess I just wrote what came to my head at the time – lyrics wise – but looking back on it its very fitting to what was going on in my life at the time of writing that song (we won’t go too deep into that one haha) and I guess anyone can copy and paste the lyrics on to their own life and it would apply…and that’s how you write a pop song!

Musically, we wrote the song so long ago so it’s hard to say, Liam just came up with the riff and we worked on it from there. But sonically it was massively influenced by where we recorded it. We recorded at The Nave, which is like a big old church, and they have tons of gear and pedals and nerdy shit that we played about with. Being in such a big space, you know in a church with 20 foot ceilings, we wanted to make it sound as big as possible.

MIMR: What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played as a band so far?

Will: There’s been quite a few! But definitely our set on the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds Fest last year. Reading was very cool also, but there was something really, really special about playing our hometown’s festival, it was also out first outdoor gig. It was like a childhood dream come true for Liam and I. The whole experience of playing those festivals was incredible though, sometimes it’s not just the gig itself, but the stuff that happens before and after. Like for Leeds and Reading we hired a motorhome from some old fella who lives in the middle of nowhere, and this motorhome was proper Max and Paddy, like stand up wash in the sink Max and Paddy (obscure reference). Anyway this old guy spent more time explaining how the radio worked than the powered fridge and you should have seen his FACE when we told him we were taking his precious motor home to Reading and Leeds, think we almost put him into cardiac arrest. But long story short, some stuff went down in that motor home – it involved Liam, a funnel, several types of alcohol and ‘One Dance’ by Drake. Best weekend ever.

MIMR: Festivals are popping up all over the place nowadays, if you had to choose one festival you’d love to headline which one it be and why?

Will: Well I guess the dream of all dreams – probably for most bands – is to headline the pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Lollapalooza looks ace as well, I remember watching a live video of Cage the Elephant playing ‘Shake Me Down’ in the pouring rain, with the skyscrapers in the distance and everyone going mental in the crowd. Would love to play at a festival somewhere dead nice, like Benicassim – by the sea and that, sit on the beach after our set, maybe a mojito…lovely.

MIMR: Thanks guys for chatting to the blog, have a great summer. How can people keep up to date with the band?

Will: Thanks for having us! Just follow us on everything: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bebo, Tumblr, Linkdin, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Quora, Vine, Snapchat, BizSugar, Tinder.

Mainly the first 5 though…especially Instagram @nightowlsband cos we’re well funny. Maybe even send us a message cos we’re decent blokes.

Listen to new single here:


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