MIMR Band Chat: Larkins

Now on the blog introducing one of top talents coming out of Manchester at the moment, Indie-Pop quartet Larkins who are hitting the heights with stadium-ready live shows and MIMR were very lucky to chat to them about their plans for the summer.

MIMR: A real pleasure to have one of the top bands in Manchester at the moment on the blog, we welcome Larkins to MIMR, what”s the latest with the band?

Larkins: Thanks so much for having us! Well we’re just gearing up for the Newcastle and Scotland dates of our UK tour at the minute. We play Newcastle on the 5th, Edinburgh on the 7th and Glasgow on the 8th so busy few days coming up for us! 

MIMR: What would you say are the biggest influences when it comes to creating your sound and what process do the band go through when writing is in full flow?

Larkins: There’s not really a set formula for us to be honest. Some songs pretty much write themselves and some take months of changes to nail down. We definitely make an effort to listen to a wide range of music and pull inspiration out of many different genres. Finding the sound of the band is a lot of trial and error, things are constantly evolving and it’s important to see how a crowd reacts to a song. With new songs, we usually change a lot after we first play it live because you realise the bits that work and the bits that don’t!

MIMR: Tell us all about this big Manchester gig next month at Band On The Wall, looks like it will one hell of a party!

Larkins: Its gonna be huge! We can’t wait, The last time we headlined in Manchester was a sold-out show at Gorilla which was insane! Band on the wall has a massive history and tickets are already flying out so we expect this to be even better than the Gorilla gig. We’ve also got Indigo Velvet supporting us who sound ace! Be sure to check them out

MIMR: It’s festival season once again and there seems to be new ones popping up all the time. What’s your favourite thing about both playing and attending these kind of events?

Larkins: We look forward to festival season all year. Last year we played Kendal calling and packed out the house party stage so it will be ace to go back again this year and play an even bigger stage. We also played blackthorn festival and had an unreal response, drawing a massive crowd. City festivals are great too, we played all three Dot to Dot festivals in May and got to see some incredible bands. 


MIMR: Thanks guys for appearing on the blog, we wish you every success for the rest of the year. Your latest single is titled ‘Sugar Sweet’ so what was your favourite sweet or chocolate you loved when growing up?

Larkins: Curly wurlies and Vimto bonbons

Check out the video for new single ‘Sugar Sweet’ here.

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