MIMR Best Of 2017 so far: Albums

We’re halfway through 2017 already and there’s certainly been an array of great albums released and here MIMR brings you it’s annually rundown on the ones that have realy stood out on the blog this year so far.

20. Desperate Journalist ‘Grow Up’

19. Alpha Male Tea Party ‘Health’

18. Sweet Baboo ‘Wild Imagination’

17. Lush Purr ‘Cuckoo Waltz’

16. Cowards ‘Teeth’

15. Menace Beach ‘Lemon Memory’

14. Danny Gruff ‘ Danny Gruff’

13. Say Sue Me ‘Say Sue Me’

12. Pet Crow ‘A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pond Life’

11. Scholars ‘Arts and Grafts’

10. The Immediate ‘Manbuoy’

9. Vant ‘Dumb Blood’

8. Happyness ‘Write In’

7. The Big Moon ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’

6. Day Wave ‘The Days We Had’

5. Lab Coast ‘Lab Coast’

4. Horsebeach ‘Beauty and Sadness’

3 Dutch Uncles ‘Big Balloon’

2. Loom ‘Loom’

1. Sprinters ‘Sprinters’

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