MIMR Band Chat: False Advertising

You have to catch your breath when you see what False Advertising have achieved over the last year and 2017 has already been a crazy ride for the manchester trio.

MIMR spoke to the band about their success and their festival plans

MIMR: Welcome back once again False Advertising to MIMR, safe to say 2017 has been bit of a whirlwind for the three of you, what else can we expect from the band for the rest of the year?

Jen: We’re hitting some festivals over the rest of the summer, then come Autumn it’s all going to be about a new release and touring…

Josh: We have some new tunes pending and have been working with some great people on some of them too so watch this space

MIMR: You headed over to America for some shows earlier in the year, how was this experience for you guys?

Jen: It surpassed all of our wildest dreams, and I still can’t believe we did it.

Josh: But we did! It wasn’t without its stresses though; logistically then emotionally haha. There’s a lot of planning involved when you travel overseas and that was tricky given that we were doing it for the first time, but damn, it was sooo worth it. We got to play SXSW festival which is well – a dream come true for us all.

Chris: We got to see so many bands, befriend some of them too and our own shows seemed to go really well. The weather was great, the food was awesome, we were continually busy with photoshoots, interviews and tracking down free alcohol. Our hire car got broken into (though nothing was taken), we met Nardwuar… I could go on.

MIMR: Festival season is upon us again and there seems to be new ones poping up everywhere, what’s the best thing about playing a festival as a band?

Chris: Getting to watch the other bands is a nice perk, our mate started a festival called Wrong festival in Liverpool and Part Chimp were a frikin revelation, you have to check them out, they recently reformed after a 5 year hiatus and live, it’s just this sonic wall of ear candy, gotta be my favourite performance of the year so far.

Jen: We love playing festivals, but there’s something about reaching a new audience that you can do far better and more effectively at big festivals. For example, at Kendal Calling last year after our set – I bumped into a family with a young daughter who’s dad had just bought one of our t-shirts. He explained that we had just become his daughter’s new favourite band, that was so very very cool.

Josh: I remember that, she looked at you as if you were her new hero. It’s moments like that that really hit home and reinforce why we’re all in this. I remember looking out into the crowd and seeing my old school friend Luciee who I hadn’t seen in years, waving madly at me and saying “you’ve made it big now”. Haha If only.

MIMR: Your latest single ‘Honest’ is a brilliant track and included a fantastic video too, what inspiration do you draw upon when making such videos?

Jen: It’s honestly whatever we can manage to do without any money or real legitimate video making skills. We really actually wanted to collaborate with a really talented animator on this one, but it didn’t quite work out in time for our crazy self imposed deadline.

Josh: Jen’s being modest here, shes done an amazing job. Having no real budget does limit our options a tad. Typically the song will thematically push the video in a certain direction to begin with, and then we work around that – with this one we applied current social and political themes into it too.

Chris: Its a good platform for us to shoehorn some of our other ideas in there, stuff we talk about when we are on the road, little band in jokes and that sort of thing.

MIMR: Thanks guys for appearing on MIMR and helping celebrate our re-launch Too. If you could go back in time and visit any musical era which one would it be?

Jen: I think I’d go back to when they invented fuzz pedals – so maybe like the 70’s? Then I might just re-record all of the amazing songs by The Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Nirvana etc and see if I could blow people’s minds a couple of decades early. Or is that a bit mean?

Josh: Sneaky, I like it. Good call on the 70’s, think I’d have to with then too. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, and Thin Lizzy raised the ceiling at their time, and nobody had heard anything like it – it blew peoples minds! I’d like to go back and witness that I think.

Chris: Yeah, I wouldn’t want to go back to a time before amplification, the volume and pounding bass are a huge attraction of live music for me. Although, I would have quite liked to have been older in the early 90’s, I was too young to enjoy Grunge and the Hacienda club scene at the time so maybe I would just go back there.

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