MIMR Band Chat: Beach Royals

Right in the mix of a select few of emerging Manchester bands to shine on MIMR this year are Indie foursome Beach Royals and we caught up with Lead Man Dan and bassist Fred from the band to discuss everything from the joys of technology to their debut EP released earlier this year.

MIMR: So what’s the latest with the band?

Fred: We’ve spent the last year or so getting our music down, recording our debut EP ‘Trap Door Music’ and testing out what we want to do with the band.

Dan and Ross (our vocalists and guitarists) are pretty prolific writers, so it’s been exciting forming new songs even without picking up stuff from each of their extensive back catalogues.

Most recently we’ve been playing our music live in Manchester! We had a lively gig at the old northern quarter institution Night & Day which was pretty surreal to fill a venue where we’ve seen some of our favourite bands. We played at a Pentatonic Presents band night in Jimmy’s NQ where they have a great intimate underground gig space.

It was also fun to play with some established bands from further afield who were dipping into the Manchester scene.

Looking to the near future, we’re gigging around the North with some upcoming shows in Manchester and nearby cities, and will hopefully get a couple more of our favourite tracks down in the studio by years end and sure-up the catalogue for the Beach Royals album release next year. Exciting stuff all round!

MIMR: MIMR really enjoyed your debut EP release, how did the process of producing the record go?

Dan: It was a massive eye-opener, in more ways than one. We’re obviously all noobs when it comes to the process of recording, and the fact we’d become accustomed to rehearsing in the worst practice room imaginable – where you can’t hear each other properly half of the time – meant that there were a few pleasant discoveries along the way.

As we went in there building the songs up there were plenty of times where we’d turn to each other saying “wait, has that always been how it’s played?” with regards to some of the guitar parts, basslines and even lyrics. The chorus guitar interplay in ‘Getting There’ and the vocal harmonies on ‘Beach Fatigue’ are two examples; there’s really nowhere to hide anymore and when the whole thing is stripped bare, part by part, that’s when you realise what the song and – your band as a whole – is really made of.

We recorded the EP over the course of two weekends; four songs in four days. Given the time constraints and our naivety to the whole recording process I think the songs came out really well, and I’m proud of how the tracks show a lot of variation and different sides to the band in such a short running time. Hopefully the next lot will be more of the same!

MIMR: What’s the best thing about playing live?

Fred: It’s gotta be the adrenaline; the build-up, the energy, the copious amounts of sweat. It’s always a powerful experience coming together with the audience, warming into the show through the early songs and then finishing off with a few of the fan favourites.

It’s great to see people’s reaction when we play new material live for the first time as well. There have been surprises with what the audience go for and we’ve found the feedback helps us shape what we do in the future.

Gigs are what you start a band for, so it’s always good to get out there and play our music for people.

MIMR: We live in a world full of technology, being in a band nowadays you have to submerse yourself in social media to get yourself out there. Which bit of technology would you miss if it suddenly got taken away from you?

Dan: From a band perspective I think Bandcamp is such a blessing; a lot of these online services sometimes come across as a more of a money-making racket than platforms actually intended to help artists get that vital first leg up and get themselves heard, but with Bandcamp – maybe it’s just the amount of free reign it gives you, I’m not sure – I don’t get that. I think it was genuinely founded with good intentions, and for bands like us who weren’t able to get on iTunes right away it’s invaluable.

Now, on a more personal note, I’m hopelessly addicted to social media on a pathological level and without Facebook providing me with increasingly warped, niche memes on a daily basis, I’m not sure I’d know who I was or my reason for being anymore.

MIMR: It’s been great talking to you, all the best for the rest of 2017, how can we check up for updates on the band?

Fred: All the usuals; check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/beachroyals/ for all information, and we will add new music to Bandcamp and Soundcloud as soon as it materialises.

Ross is also a fiend for Twitter so if you fancy catching up with us on there, give twitter.com/beachroyalsUK a follow!

MIMR Review: Megaflora ‘Nunavut’

A brand spanking new discovery on the blog now, a very warm welcome to spiky Punk-pop quartet Megaflora with the delightful track ‘Nunavut’.

The london foursome release their latest track as part of 7 inch Split record with US band Swanning through london based record label ‘Everything Sucks Music’ on August 4th and it’s a real treat!

Photo by Derek Bremner

After the release of the band’s debut album ‘Redwoods’ later last year ‘Nunvaut’ serves as the next step up for the four-piece, glittering guitars, bouncy, pop beats and perfectly, mixed vocals make this possible and it’s effortless achieved.

Check out the video for the track here:

They head out on tour next week including a Manchester show at Fuel Cafe next monday (31st July)

MIMR Review: Tigercub ‘The Divided States Of Us

Exploding from the blocks on MIMR are Brighton noise-rock trio Tigercub as they set out to cement their prowess as a force to be reckoned with and they are certainly going full pelt with some exciting plans.

Their latest track ‘The Divided States of Us’ is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Evolve or Die’ released via Alcopop Records 29th Sepetember and will be one of the 1st pay-what-you-want vinyl releases, the 1st batch of which is already sold out.

The track kicks into gear with purposeful gusto and ferocious intent, sparking a fury of crushing riffs and monemental beats unlike anything you will hear this year.

Their live show is where the threesome realy come to life and 2017 will mark the turning point as their ever-growing presence is ready to smother a greater following. Already having supported buds, the mighty Royal Blood, they also have some key festival appearances including a slot at Reading/Leeds end of August.

Do us a favour and don’t hestitate to get on down with Tigercub and watch them roar.

Here’s the track:

Head on down to their website for all the latest news including the pre-order of their latest record:


MIMR Review: Milk Teeth ‘Prism’

Bringing plenty of angst and attitude to the table are Punk-rock quartet Milk Teeth with their latest track ‘Prism’ grabbing your full attention from start to finish. Spiralling riffs, crashing beats and ferocious vocals reverburate throughout, flashing by in under 3 mins of Punk-rock glory.

The track is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Be Nice’ released on Roadrunner Records July 28th and is the follow up to last years ‘Vile Child’ which one of MIMR fave records of the year.

Milk Teeth are steadily tightening their grip on a much wider audience and its tracks like this that will help their worthy cause, ‘be nice’ and get on board!

‘Be Nice’ is out July 28th and can be pre-ordered now, head over to their website for more deets!


MIMR Gig Guide: August

With the summer in full swing and the weather staying typical British it’s a welcome relief that there are some top notch gigs to get down to in some of MIMR’S favourite venues in Manchester.

Here are MIMR’s top picks for the month of August


Jordan Allen w/ The Jade Assembly @Jimmy’s


Peaness w/ Campfire Social @Soup Kitchen

False Advertising/Peaks @The Castle


The 99 degree/The Showers @Night and Day Cafe


Floral Scene @Night and Day Cafe


Delphina Kings @The Castle Hotel


Flat Plastic presents…The Twisted Dolls @Jimmy’s


Chupa Cabra @Night and Day Cafe


Proletariat/King Kartel/Berries @Soup Kitchen

Astral Project feat. Azraq Sahara @Night and Day Cafe

MIMR Band Chat: Cowards

Synth-pop outfit Cowards are the latest breakthrough act to explode onto MIMR this year and we are very happy to spread their sound to a much wider audience. Another talented band to come from Manchester released their excellent debut record ‘Teeth’ earlier this year and we spoke to the band about the record and how the band came about

MIMR: Very warm welcome to Cowards, how did the band come about and what influences do you have when creating sound?

Cowards: Grant and I have been in the band for about 10 years together. In the same way if you take a brush and change its head then a year later change its handle it is the same brush, but also a new brush, Cowards is both our first and 14th brush. But this latest brush is by far our most effective influence wise its changed over the years. we have a patchwork approach i think. I think our song structures and percussion comes from dance music of all sorts such as Burial, Aphex Twin and some dance infused bands like Yeasayer. My vox influences vary massively song to song from Liars on something like Polar Bear, to Beck, to Thom Yorke. I fallen out of love with the guitar over the years and despite it being my instrument i now never really listen to guitar music. we all love inventive synths sounds from Brian Eno through to Hudson Mohawk.

MIMR: Became fully engrossed in your album release earlier this year, how did the recording process go and are you happy with the reception it got?

Cowards: Thanks! the recording process was geologically slow. wanted to make a proper ‘studio album’. we decided not to worry about live at all and just commit to spending a weekend every month locked away at Blueprint Studios producing and writing the album ourselves. i think allowing the process to breath meant we ended up with a fairly coherent album which belies the fact that we started with 10-12 tracks recorded in different locations and times which all sounded massively different, like each one was written by a different band. Fall Asleep is the oldest song and sounds remarkably similar to the version I was playing at uni over 10 years ago. Others are old but have been dramatically reworked in the studio. Something like Open Letter was a major production number before we hit the studio – live kit, rock guitar etc. but in the studio we were inspired to strip it back. and then there are some tracks that were completely written in the studio (i.e. Crawler). 

We’re thrilled with the reception we’ve got from the people who have taken the time to listen. we’ve had people love the whole thing, others really love 1 or 2 tracks but don’t get the rest, others still really don’t like it. to be honest we’d far rather prefer that than the general consensus being ‘yeah its ok’. to be honest though we’d love for it to be heard more widely. we’re rubbish at self promotion.

MIMR: Festival season is in full swing, what would be your must-bring item for a weekend in the sun/rain?

Cowards: Some very strong drugs or alcohol. that way even if the very worst should happen i won’t care.

MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, how can we keep in touch with you on social media?

Cowards: we are extremely poor at social media. we’re working on it but follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere!

Cowards album ‘Teeth’ is available to listen to here, it featured in our best of list recently and is a cracking record:


MIMR Review: Chambers ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

We reach down to the very depths and are gripped to the max by Hull/Leeds based duo Chambers unleashing their dark and psychedelic-infused fury on latest single ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’.

Released on 4th August through I’m Not From London Records its a thrill of a second track, ear popping, punk beats and electfying, raw riffs brought home by a bellowing chorus which pounds your head to its very core.

With the twosome heading into studio to record a EP later in the year its safe to say that MIMR has found a new band to rant and rave about. Chambers head out to numerous UK festivals as well as some european dates later in the year, check out the track right here, brace yourself and hold on tight!