MIMR Review: Megaflora ‘Nunavut’

A brand spanking new discovery on the blog now, a very warm welcome to spiky Punk-pop quartet Megaflora with the delightful track ‘Nunavut’. The london foursome release their latest track as part of 7 inch Split record with US band Swanning through london based record label ‘Everything Sucks Music’ on August 4th and it’s aContinue reading “MIMR Review: Megaflora ‘Nunavut’”

MIMR Review: Tigercub ‘The Divided States Of Us

Exploding from the blocks on MIMR are Brighton noise-rock trio Tigercub as they set out to cement their prowess as a force to be reckoned with and they are certainly going full pelt with some exciting plans. Their latest track ‘The Divided States of Us’ is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Evolve or Die’ releasedContinue reading “MIMR Review: Tigercub ‘The Divided States Of Us”

MIMR Review: Milk Teeth ‘Prism’

Bringing plenty of angst and attitude to the table are Punk-rock quartet Milk Teeth with their latest track ‘Prism’ grabbing your full attention from start to finish. Spiralling riffs, crashing beats and ferocious vocals reverburate throughout, flashing by in under 3 mins of Punk-rock glory. The track is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Be Nice’Continue reading “MIMR Review: Milk Teeth ‘Prism’”

MIMR Review: Chambers ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

We reach down to the very depths and are gripped to the max by Hull/Leeds based duo Chambers unleashing their dark and psychedelic-infused fury on latest single ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’. Released on 4th August through I’m Not From London Records its a thrill of a second track, ear popping, punk beats and electfying, rawContinue reading “MIMR Review: Chambers ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’”

MIMR Review: Floral Scene ‘Esteem’

Indie-pop quartet Floral Scene triumphantly return to the blog with their latest effort ‘Esteem’ released last week and it only serves as a reminder that they are making giant strides to make lasting impressions on a ever-increasing following. ‘Esteem’ is a happy go lucky song with plenty of pop charm, flickering beats and groovy hooksContinue reading “MIMR Review: Floral Scene ‘Esteem’”

MIMR Review: Slow Canyons ‘The Long Ride Home’ 

Slow Canyons is a bedroom pop project produced by Matthew Kenworthy and it’s hazey, lo-fi style struck a instant chord here on MIMR. This opening track from ‘Slow Jamz Vol.1 a collections of recordings recently released, demonstrate the smooth, silky guitars and atmospheric vocals that make his sound so infectious to listen to. The summery,Continue reading “MIMR Review: Slow Canyons ‘The Long Ride Home’ “

MIMR Review: Berries ‘Wild Vow’

Berries have been cited in many top tens and had airplay on Amazing Radio and XFM, deservedly so. Their live shows have a reputation of being fierce. The band sound like they have locked themselves in a garage and emerged bleary eyed with this riffy-guitar led new single. The vocals are Cranberries-esque (not everyone mightContinue reading “MIMR Review: Berries ‘Wild Vow’”