MIMR Band Chat: James Holt

Here at MIMR our intention is always to bring you the acts that we think are destined for big things and our next act fits the bill perfectly. James Holt is a manchester based singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist who has done his time around the manchester music scene, ever enhancing his growing following.

MIMR were lucky enough to chat to James about his music including his upcoming new single

MIMR: Hey James, how has your year been so far and tell us all about your new single?

James: Good year so far, finishing my studies, playing some super cool shows, recording, writing. New single ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ comes out on 7th July!

MIMR: Manchester has a great variety of places to gig at to suit all different types of music, which of these has been your favourite to play as a performer?

James: I work for Brighter Sound at Band On the Wall and I’ve had the pleasure of playing on that stage a few times – the sound is top notch and their Funk & Soul Night’s are quality. Love playing at the Deaf Institute too, Night & Day, Gullivers/Castle and Sound Control (that has recently been announced to be changed to accommodation, but I’ve heard that they have plans to relocate and be bigger and better than before so I’m excited to see where that leads!)

MIMR: What influences and inspirations do you pick from when writing your songs?

James: I read a lot and whatever themes I’ve been reading about inevitably find their way into the lyrics. Songs can be stories in themselves so I often try and conceive the narrative before writing any lyrics, other times I may just let the song flow and see where it ends up. I listen to and play lots of different music (I play piano in a restaurant so I play a lot of jazz/classical – e.g. Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Debussy, Chopin – I also play cello so spent time in orchestras) and you can hear shades of that in my music – for example, I use jazz harmony a lot (extended chords, and modal and progressive chord changes) and I also experiment time signatures to create interesting sounds and rhythms. TIP – (In my opinion) to be a good song writer you should have a healthy inner monologue.

MIMR: Being a solo performer must be a lonely furrow sometimes, if you could of been a member in any band past or present which one would it be and why?

James: On a normal day I probably would’ve said The Beatles – but then I wonder what my role would be, how would I fit in with two/three of the greatest songwriters of all time? I would have to BE John, Paul or George (not Ringo, nobody wants to be Ringo). Anyway, today is not a normal day so I’d probably go with LOVE, Jimi Hendrix Experience or Pink Floyd – I’d prefer to jam with them than actually be in the bands.

MIMR: Thanks for Chatting to MIMR, wish you all the best with the new single and the rest of the year. How can people check the single out and follow you on social media?

James: It’ll be on all the major evil corporate websites from 7th July or you can check out the video now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRAHnzPERR0


Website: https://www.jamesholtmusic.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamesholtmusic 

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jamesholtmusic 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5RU4BAi19LHkaPFcE1USkb 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jamesholtmusic

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