MIMR Best Of 2017 so far: EPs

Has it already been half of 2017 gone and wow has there been some eye-popping records out there. Here’s MIMR annual rundown of some of these which have caught the blogs attention this year: starting with the top 25 EPs

25. King Kartel ‘Part Of The Plan

24. The Vinyl Reprisal ‘Graffiti’

23. Callow Saints ‘Twisted Hazel’

22. Sisteray ’15 Minutes’

21. Sleeptalking ‘Oh Isn’t it Strange’

20. Maddie Jones ‘Dis-ar-ray’

19. Beach Royals ‘Trap Door Music’

18. The 99 Degree ‘Boot Hill Surf Club’

17. The Night Cafe ‘Get Away From The Feeling’

16. Pleasure House ‘Sentient’

15. Lyerr ‘In Principio’

14. Useless Cities ‘New Feelings’

13. RobotAlien ‘High Hopes’

12. AccroGeist ‘Something To Repair Me’

11. Jellyskin ‘Jellyskin’

10. Ambiere ‘Tree Of Life’

9. Bruja ‘Evil Creepy’

8. The Immediate ‘Mold EP’

7. Colour Of Spring ‘e.p’

6. Campfire Social ‘Wellbeing’

5. Gravves ‘Rattle’

4. Peaness ‘Are You Sure’

3. Kidsmoke ‘Save Your Sorrow’

2. Crimsons ‘Shy Talk’

1. La Bete Blooms ‘I Know It’s Nothing’

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