MIMR Band Chat: Sprinters

Super chuffed to have this next band on the blog, Indie newcomers Sprinters have been one of the most listened to bands on MIMR this year and Neil from the band took the time out to reveal all about their excellent debut record and their future plans.

MIMR: Great to have one of MIMR favourite bands at the moment on the blog, the excellent Sprinters. Hey, how would you best describe your sound to a new listener and what influences are most dominant in creating your sound?

Neil: We used to say Neil Young with flangers, but now Indie Rock. Definitely swaying more towards American Indie bands. Pavement have always been a big influence on me. And Sonic Youth. But I was never good enough on guitar to play Sonic Youth style songs. It’s a lot more chilled than that though and quite melon-collie. Some major influences are The Replacements, Guided By Voices, Ducktails, Ariel Pink, John Martyn, Neil Young, The Feelies, loads of stuff like that. 

MIMR: MIMR is loving your debut album, how was this produced and was it everything you wanted it to be when it was completed?

Neil: I had released a few solo albums under my own name and some of these songs came from those albums. They were very lo-fi recordings and didn’t do the songs justice so I wanted to record some in a studio. We recorded it in Wigan with our good friend Ste Jones (from the band Moco) last year. It took a lot longer then expected, and I spent 4 months mixing it on and off. Overall it took about a year to get in the bag. But I’m pleased with how it came out. We’re recording our second album this summer but hope we can get it done by Christmas this time! 

MIMR: Festival season is in full flow and theres certainly plenty around. What’s been your best experience at a festival either in a band or as a spectator?

Neil: We have nothing in the pipeline this year unfortunately. But my favourite is Sounds From The Other City in Salford. It’s always a great atmosphere. Another to look out for is ‘Gathering In The Woods’ festival in Windermere we’ve played there a few times and love it.

MIMR: Which other records have you admired this year?

Neil: Thundercat – Drunk 

Lab Coast – Lab Coast 

Holy Wave – Freaks of Nurture

Former Bullies – Stranger  

Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood – Myths 002

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR and we look forward to catching you at a live show in the near future. How can people follow your movements and get their hands on your album?

Neil: You can buy our new album on vinyl over at our bandcamp (www.sprinters.bandcamp.com) or listen in the usual places.  

Our next Manchester gig is at Common Bar on the 26th of August. We’re also playing a gig in Wigan in July at Cross Streets Arts on the 21st July. And have a tour planned for September.

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