MIMR Announcement: So this might be end of the blog….

Hey Everyone, so you see the title of this piece and you may already know what it’s all about but i guess i have to give a bit more information about exactly what it means and why this decision has been made at this moment of time.

Since starting the blog over 3 years ago now i dont think i’ve done a personal piece like this but hi, my name is Griff and this music blog has been a big part of my life during that time, opening many doors for me as well as making many cool friends along the way and the quality of music i’ve featured on MIMR has been top notch also, certainly showing if you root around there is so much talent out there ready to be discovered.

So here’s the announcement, MIMR will be on a ‘Indefinite Hiatus’ with immediate effect. Apologises to any bands that i’ve had recent contact with about features but i’d rather be fair and truthful about this and i hope you understand my reasons. I won’t go into too much detail about my decision as i want them to remain private but a lot of good things have happened in my personal life recently and this has detracted from my work on the blog a fair bit, being a one-man operation has made keeping up with the demands of the blog pretty difficult at times. It’s all good though and it’s just a fact of life that sometimes your priorities can change and this is certainly what’s happened here.

My passion for music will never stop though and being able to go to so many cool gigs over the last few years has been a uplifting and enjoyable experience, being a small part of the Manchester music scene has made me proud to live in such a great city.

This isn’t the end of MIMR, they’re will be a re-launch at some point and i will make sure its bigger and better than ever.

This isn’t goodbye for good, till next time this is MIMR saying over and out.

6 thoughts on “MIMR Announcement: So this might be end of the blog….

  1. Hi Griff, I’ve only recently followed your blog, and have greatly enjoyed your posts. I completely understand the challenge of keeping up with the demands of blogging, especially all the review requests we receive. It’s wonderful that it’s good things happening in your life and not negative ones that will keep you from blogging for the time being. I wish you the best.


  2. Totally understand this, I bob in and out of mine so much… It’ll drag you before too long no doubt, but for now definitely go enjoy having something better to do with your life! ūüėÄ


    1. I will miss it but yeah a break and no self pressure to return t6o it i think will be good for me and the blog. Will come back bigger and better….thats the plan anyways :p


      1. Yeah it’s so easy to get caught up in it and feel like you HAVE to keep going, but when it’s something you’re only doing as a hobby then no, you don’t owe it to anyone to write about them. I need a break ahahaa but I’m having too much fun building up and shaping the new site at the moment!


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