MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: The Revolutionary Spirit

Another new discovery to MIMR during it’s Focus Wales 2017 previews have been North-walian 5 piece The Revolutionary Spirit and as they describe to us in the latest band chat it’s exciting times for the band, MIMR certainly wants a piece of the action.

MIMR: Its a pleasure to have you on the blog, what’s the latest news with the band heading into your show at Focus?

Revs: Our album is done, we recently released our video for first track “Feel Music” followed by “Northern Star”. Both had repeated BBC airplay thanks to Adam walton. Last year we added Papa Ben Jones on Congas and percussion which is now a permanent addition.


MIMR: What does it mean to be part of a event like Focus Wales and will you be able to a bit of dashing around to see other bands?

Revs: Always good to be part of focus Wales, to have so many bands from around the world in Wrexham is cool. We like to make the most of the performers pass so we”ll be out from the festival start.

MIMR: With social media being such a big player in getting a band out there and heard these days, would you say that your good at sharing on these platforms?

Revs: It’s something that’s “expected” of group these days. We do use social media but have always had a more organic approach, as in the live show. With Facebook now putting caps on posts, press agent fees and unsolicited emails there is only so much we can do ourselves. So are we good or not regarding social media? Come to show!


MIMR: Where and when can we see you play at the festival?

Revs: Friday 12th may We headline un deg un (room2)  9:40.

MIMR: Fantastic to have you on the blog, have a great Focus. Any records that you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

Revs: We are always listening/discovering new and old music. Ronnie wood- Now Look has been on repeat recently, recorded with Bobby Womack, R&B Soul thang going on then with expected stones guitar licks. A must listen!
World music such as The Ethiopiques, The Lijadu sisters, The Dur Dur band.

But then revisiting classics like JJ Cale, Axelrod, Lennon. 
The Godfather of Soul Mr. Dynamite James brown is a massive influence on our live show. Maybe Focus 2020.

You can see them playing Focus this friday here:

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