MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Mary Miller

In MIMR’s latest Band Chat as we limber up for Focus Wales, we were lucky to catch up with Mary Miller who will bringing her retro grooves to the festival next week, a must see!

MIMR: Next on MIMR we have the very talented Mary Miller, hows your 2017 been so far and what can we expect from your set at Focus Wales?

Mary: I reckon 2017’s been my best year yet, I’ve just been spreading myself around liverpool as much as possible and now I’m flying the nest for focus. You can expect some witchcraft; I’ll be cooking up sounds with my magic box, a dark bit of dreampop you can dance to

MIMR: If you can remember what was your earliest musical memory and what influences do you draw upon when creating your music?

Mary: My earliest musical memory is probably getting way into bombay bicycle club’s first album, I went mad for the weird grooves and the way that jack sings, and then from that all of his electronic stuff too. I draw upon loads of influences, mainly bits of guitar music and old stuff like vintage style 50’s tones with a lot of tremolo, and 90’s hip hop with big gritty beats, I also love turning every day sounds into beats, like a video player or a cash register or something like that

MIMR: Focus Wales has build a strong reputation for seeking upcoming talent all over, what does it mean to be part of a event like this?

Mary: It’s great and I can’t wait to play, it’s as a part of “Bido Lito presents” who are an independent magazine here in liverpool. They’ve supported me a lot so I’m really happy to be representing liverpool as a part of what they’re doing

MIMR: What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played?

Mary: that’s a tough one, but it’s probably gotta be the gig I played with laurel, as I was a massive fan of her stuff beforehand, it’s amazing to play with someone who you’ve already loved and respected for a while

MIMR: Thanks again for speaking to MIMR, have a great time in Wrexham, where and when can people catch your set at Focus?

Mary: Thanks a lot you too! I’m playing at the UNDEGUN stage, for Bido Lito Presents, at 3pm on Saturday May 13th.

Mary will be performing here, link below!


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