MIMR Announcement: So this might be end of the blog….

Hey Everyone, so you see the title of this piece and you may already know what it’s all about but i guess i have to give a bit more information about exactly what it means and why this decision has been made at this moment of time.

Since starting the blog over 3 years ago now i dont think i’ve done a personal piece like this but hi, my name is Griff and this music blog has been a big part of my life during that time, opening many doors for me as well as making many cool friends along the way and the quality of music i’ve featured on MIMR has been top notch also, certainly showing if you root around there is so much talent out there ready to be discovered.

So here’s the announcement, MIMR will be on a ‘Indefinite Hiatus’ with immediate effect. Apologises to any bands that i’ve had recent contact with about features but i’d rather be fair and truthful about this and i hope you understand my reasons. I won’t go into too much detail about my decision as i want them to remain private but a lot of good things have happened in my personal life recently and this has detracted from my work on the blog a fair bit, being a one-man operation has made keeping up with the demands of the blog pretty difficult at times. It’s all good though and it’s just a fact of life that sometimes your priorities can change and this is certainly what’s happened here.

My passion for music will never stop though and being able to go to so many cool gigs over the last few years has been a uplifting and enjoyable experience, being a small part of the Manchester music scene has made me proud to live in such a great city.

This isn’t the end of MIMR, they’re will be a re-launch at some point and i will make sure its bigger and better than ever.

This isn’t goodbye for good, till next time this is MIMR saying over and out.

MIMR Review: Twin Visions ‘Peppermint’

One of MIMR fave bands have dropped their much anticipated new single (19th May) and ‘Peppermint’ is a cool breath of fresh air from Alt-rock quartet Twin Visions from Manchester. 

It’s been a while since the guys released the instantly catchy ‘Only Right’ at the start of 2016 but good things come to ones that wait and they have delivered brilliant with this latest effort. Glowing vocals, riffs that burst out at the seams and some high-energy beats will ensure that this track is the perfect conpliment to a warm, summers day.

Echoing classic 90s alt-rock sound (Pavement, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices) and described as one of the favourite live tracks to play, Twin Visions are ready to unleash their grooves far and wide and MIMR says about damm time.

Check out the cool video here:

Catch them live here this week:


MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017: Day 2 Highlights

Having just recovered from all the thrills and spills of Day 1, it was clear to see that Day 2 was not going to relent one bit with plenty of excellent acts to go and MIMR dashed around the venues throughout to bring you all the best bits, enjoy!

Cull @UnDegUn

Skellums @Central Station

I Am Of The Universe @Oriel Wrecsam

Lovers Open Fire @UnDegUn

Lab Coast (again) @ UnDegUn

Gravves @Rewind

Baby Brave @Central Station

Lush Purr @Rock Suite

The Revolutionary Spirit @UnDegUn

My Name Is Ian @Rock Suite

Sadly MIMR did not attend Day 3 of Focus Wales this year, thanks go out to everyone involved in the festival, special mentions to Andy and Neal who make the event a bigger and better success each year. See you in 2018!

MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017: Day 1 highlights

So it’s all started once again, another year at Focus Wales and another action-packed few days instore as MIMR dashes around to bring the best bits from the festival we love so much. 

Day one could not of been more exciting with many fantastic performances from acts spanning across the globe, one of the many reasons MIMR is a permanent fan of the event.

Here are some of the highlights from Day 1 at Focus Wales 2017

Lance solo performance (Kidsmoke) @Queen’s Square

Cull @UnDegUn

Lab Coast @Rewind

Say Sue Me @UnDegUn

57 @UnDegUn

The Immediate @UnDegUn

Delta Radio Band @Rewind

MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017: Must See Bands

In the final MIMR preview before Focus Wales kicks off in a few days i asked for some expert opinions on the must see acts at this year’s event. It may be a hard choice to choose with so many amazing acts hitting wrexham for 3 days of musical mayhem but my panel of experts have chosen their top picks!

Andy Jones (co-founder of Focus Wales Festival)

We’ve got Welsh Music Prize winner Georgia Ruth opening up the festival on Thursday at St Giles Church, which is top of my list. Love what she’s doing. 

Then Astroid Boys is sure to be a lively show up at Central Station, and Bryde too at Undegun, both also on the Thursday. 

Playing late on the Thursday is Castles, up at central Station, and that’s a show everyone should be at. 

We’ve got Guto of ‘Super Furry Animals playing with his new band Gulp on the Friday, and I really love what they’re doing. 

John Bramwell (of I Am Kloot) also plays on the Friday at the St Giles Church, and that’s set to be a full house. 

British Sea Power at the Central Station venue on the Saturday night should be a special one too; and I’d suggest wristband holders to get in early if they want to get into that one. 

we have Cardiff band Islet playing our finale party on the Saturday night, which will be a must see show. It’s always full on with Islet, and will be the ideal way to see out FOCUS Wales 2017!

Andy Garside (Designer at Focus Wales/DWOH DJ)

Golden Fable with New Sinfonia

Thurs 11th May – St Gile’s 7:50pm

I was lucky enough to catch a performance Golden Fable did with New Sinfonia in UnDegUn, and it was possibly my favourite live musical experience of last year.
Say Sue Me (Korea)

Thurs 11th May – UnDegUn 8:20pm

Gorgeous, shimmery, sunny pop from Korea. Despite being FOCUS Wales’ designer, I had completely missed the fact that this ace Korean band were playing until they got played on the radio recently and they announced the UK dates with FOCUS Wales being one of them. My new favourite band.  

Baby Brave

Friday 12th May – Central Station 9:15pm

Everyone’s favourite noise-popsters! They’ve been locked in the studio recently recording new material. What I’ve heard of it has been incredible. Their live shows get more incendiary every performance, and their big hometown gigs are always knockout!

Tender Prey

Sat 13th May – UnDegUn 11:00

Fantastic, dirty, sexy rock and roll. This is how you do ‘cool’. Watch and learn.


Sat 13th May – UnDegUn 11:45

I just adore this band (although ‘band’ doesn’t seem to quite sit right when describing them) and I’m super happy to see them back on stage again. A guaranteed lively performance that steps right outside what is expected of a ‘gig’. A perfect way to end the festival!

Other mentions go to Gulp / Castles / Fauna Twin / Camera/ YouthBattalion / Gintis / Seazoo / Mowbird

Kidsmoke (Indie-pop quartet from wrexham playing at this year’s festival)


Denuo – I’ve been into their stuff for ages now but keep missing them play so I’m really looking for to finally catching them live. 


Seazoo – Because I love them so much!


British Sea Power – ‘Cos I’ve never seen them. 


Golden Fable – I think it’ll be an ace gig, and they’ve got a flipping orchestra!

MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: 57

Focus Wales welcomes music from all over the world and one of the bands making the longest trips this year are Korean rock duo 57 who will playing as part of the Zandari Festival showcase alongside a few other acts from South Korea and MIMR can hardly wait.

Jun and Snow spoke to MIMR about their trip to the UK and what to expect when they take to the stage at this year’s festival.

MIMR: How did the band get started and what influences do you have when creating your sound?

JUN​: When I was 24 and working as a clothing store clerk I saved up some cash and went over to Japan to see the Summer Sonic Festival during my summer vacation. I saw so many amazing bands while I was there and it made me thing that I wanted to be like them! When I came back to Korea, I quit my job and started trying to make a career in music.

SNOW​: I started playing the drums for the first time when I was in highschool. I was just doing it to hang out with my friends really. At that time I was studying child welfare and drumming was just a hobby I guess. When I started playing in 57 my attitude changed and I started to takeit much more seriously.

MIMR: 2017 sounds like it will be a busy year for you, what activities can we expect from theband?

JUN​: Pretty much the only thing we are thinking about right now is the tour! We have 23 dates and will take in shows in the UK, France, Germany and Poland. It is by far the biggest tour we’ve ever done. Other than the UK (we came over last year as well) it is our first time to visit all those places. We are super excited to meet loads of new people and see lots of cool bands. It is gonna be especially great to visit our friends in the UK again! The first show of the tour is going to be Focus Wales. We play at Undegun on Thursday 11th may. Make sure to come and check it out! We are playing with some good friends from Korea, so it is gonna be a blast!

SNOW​: Once we’re done with the tour, we’ll start recording our first full length album! We already have the songs down and some demo tracks recorded, but we can not wait to get it done and out there for everyone to listen to! We are stoked about it. Once that is done, we will do an extensive tour in Korea and hopefully go and play some shows in other Asian countries as well. At the start of 2017, I wrote down my targets for the year. I cannot tell you what they were because I don’t wanna jinx it. But we’re checking them off one by one. I think it’s gonna be a great year!

MIMR: So you are heading over to UK including your appearance at Focus Wales. I already know that there is a lot of people who can’t wait to see your live show. What’s your favourite part about playing live?

JUN:​ Oh, it’s an absolute honor to be playing at Focus Wales. We are so excited for that. We played a small show in Rhyl last year and it went down really well. So we can’t wait to come back and play in Wales. My favourite part of playing live are those moments when you are really lost, deep in the music and there is this kind of connection with the audience. Everyone is one in those moments. I feel like we are all sharing the same energy. It’s a great feeling.

SNOW:​ For me, my favorite thing is being completely immersed in the music. It is best to be able to immerse only in the sound that I am making out of my mind, and the music that we make. I love that feeling of playing the music that we have worked so hard to create. It’s so cool when other people feel what you are doing and get into it. It’s priceless. I would not change that moment for anything.

MIMR: As a band you will be spending a fair bit of time in UK over the next few weeks, what’s are your favourite things about British culture?

JUN:​ I love tea time! You can’t get a good cup of tea in Korea, it’s not the same! Also, I love the parks. In Korea we don’t have all that many parks, especially in Seoul. Even if you do go to a park, sometimes you can’t go on the grass! I’m really looking forward to hitting up the parks on our days off and taking a rest in the British summer sun with a good cup of tea!

SNOW: ​Me too, I love British tea culture very much. Taking a rest with a cup of tea is great. I think it is really important in any culture to have a bit of downtime where you can organise your thoughts and keep your mind fresh. Korea could do with some more downtime moments. I am really looking forward to meeting with and talking to lots of new people. Last time we came over everyone was so friendly. We made lots of good friends. I hope this time is the same!

MIMR: It’s been super to chat to you, see you at Focus Wales. How can people check out your music?

57:​ You can listen to our music in all the usual places. Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc. Lots of live clips are up on Youtube as well. But the best thing to do of course is to come and see us live at Focus Wales. Undegun Thursday 11th May See you there!



New Singles:

1) Making Fire


2) Pray For The Dead


See 57 play here at Focus Wales:

MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: The Revolutionary Spirit

Another new discovery to MIMR during it’s Focus Wales 2017 previews have been North-walian 5 piece The Revolutionary Spirit and as they describe to us in the latest band chat it’s exciting times for the band, MIMR certainly wants a piece of the action.

MIMR: Its a pleasure to have you on the blog, what’s the latest news with the band heading into your show at Focus?

Revs: Our album is done, we recently released our video for first track “Feel Music” followed by “Northern Star”. Both had repeated BBC airplay thanks to Adam walton. Last year we added Papa Ben Jones on Congas and percussion which is now a permanent addition.


MIMR: What does it mean to be part of a event like Focus Wales and will you be able to a bit of dashing around to see other bands?

Revs: Always good to be part of focus Wales, to have so many bands from around the world in Wrexham is cool. We like to make the most of the performers pass so we”ll be out from the festival start.

MIMR: With social media being such a big player in getting a band out there and heard these days, would you say that your good at sharing on these platforms?

Revs: It’s something that’s “expected” of group these days. We do use social media but have always had a more organic approach, as in the live show. With Facebook now putting caps on posts, press agent fees and unsolicited emails there is only so much we can do ourselves. So are we good or not regarding social media? Come to show!


MIMR: Where and when can we see you play at the festival?

Revs: Friday 12th may We headline un deg un (room2)  9:40.

MIMR: Fantastic to have you on the blog, have a great Focus. Any records that you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

Revs: We are always listening/discovering new and old music. Ronnie wood- Now Look has been on repeat recently, recorded with Bobby Womack, R&B Soul thang going on then with expected stones guitar licks. A must listen!
World music such as The Ethiopiques, The Lijadu sisters, The Dur Dur band.

But then revisiting classics like JJ Cale, Axelrod, Lennon. 
The Godfather of Soul Mr. Dynamite James brown is a massive influence on our live show. Maybe Focus 2020.

You can see them playing Focus this friday here: