MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Baby Brave

One of the hometown bands that have set previous Focus Wales events a light are noise-pop 4 piece Baby Brave and they are all set to entertain and excite at this year’s festival once more.

So of course the band dropped by to us at MIMR to tell us about the exciting year to come for the band as well as the upcoming Focus Wales appearance.

MIMR: what’s going on with Baby Brave at the moment. You’ve been in the studio yeah? 
BB: That’s right. We’re working on a new 4-track EP, called EYEYEYE. It’s coming together slowly but surely. It will be worth the wait. 

MIMR: MIMR has enjoyed your venture into the youtube world. How did the idea come about for the vlogs? 

BBJase likes to film things, Emmi likes to edit video. The results are pretty funny. It’s become a way of documenting what we get up to in the studio. Behind the scenes with the riffs and the brews. It’s something we’re gonna carry on doing when we tour the new record, so expect a lot more of our daft shenanigans!

MIMR: Focus Wales is nearly upon us once again, what sets your show here apart from any other you play? 

BB: It’s the first year we’ll have played Focus with Jase on drums, so that’s exciting for us. Maybe we’ll sneak a new song from our new record into the set too. 

MIMR: I always see you guys around for the duration of the festival, any other bands that your looking forward to seeing? 

BB: It’s a great line up this year, so we’ll be busy! Qujaku from Japan look amazing, Dizzy Brain looks like a great live show… Bryde & HMS Morris are ones we’ll be heading to, and glad to see that AF THE NAYSAYER from New Orleans is back at Focus for a solo set this year, so we’ll be checking that out too. Steve is playing with Delta Radio too, so that goes without saying. Except… we just said it.

MIMR: Thanks as always for having a chat, see you once again at Focus. Where and when are you playing?
BB: We’re playing Central Station on Friday night at 9:15pm – see you there!

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