MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Monico Blonde

Next to step up onto the podium ahead of this year’s Focus Wales Festival are Indie quartet Monico Blonde from Cardiff. They head to Wrexham in a few weeks to commence a whirlwind remainder of the year and MIMR was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Owen before it all goes down.

MIMR: Welcome to Monico Blonde to the blog. How did the band come about and was it clear from start what direction your music was going to take?
Owen: We’ve been mates since primary school and decided to write a few songs in the summer of 2016. We took them into the studio and got really excited by the results. From the moment we started to work on the songs it was pretty clear which direction we were going in – the hookiest sounds, biggest choruses and most interesting production we could create with Gethin Pearson, our producer.

MIMR: 2017 is already going very quick, what plans do you guys have for the rest of the year?
Owen: It is going quick and it feels really good. We’re just about to drop the video for our latest tune ‘Love Is An Only Child’ which is looking awesome and pretty out there. This summer we’re hitting as many festivals as we can including The Great Escape and Isle Of Wight, and we’ll be putting out more music and touring until the end of the year.

MIMR: Looking forward to your set at Focus Wales next month, what’s your favourite part about playing live?

Owen: So are we! Our favourite part about playing live is watching the songs connect with people. We put everything we have into the music and gigs so seeing the crowd into it makes us want to give even more. We just finished a UK tour with This Feeling and the crowds were immense. We just love getting everyone dancing.

MIMR: Where and when can we check out your show at Focus Wales?
Owen: We’re playing at Rewind, on at 9pm.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by for a chat, catch you at Focus. How can we keep in touch with your latest news?
Owen: Our pleasure. You can get us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . See you at Focus!

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