MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Lush Purr

Focus Wales embraces acts from all over the world but it also takes great interest in the best upcoming UK bands too and Lush Purr certainly have enough in their locker to achieve some mighty sweet things.
MIMR was able to grab a swift conversation with Gav from Lush Purr prior to their trip down south to Wrexham in a few weeks.
MIMR: MIMR heads north of the border to have a chat to Lush Purr. hey, who are Lush Purr and what is the latest with the band?

Gav: Hi! Lush Purr are a 4 piece fuzzy indie pop noise machine from Glasgow. We are Gavin, Emma, Rikki and Oreste. We have an LP coming called ‘Cuckoo Waltz’ out on the 5th of May on Song, By toad Records and we are going on a UK tour to promote it. Busy busy. 

MIMR: What musical influences do you have to create your sound?

Gav: Our musical influences vary wildly from 80’s pop music to African funk to the cosmic sounds of hypnagogic drones. Just take a little piece of everything. 
MIMR: Glad to see you amongst the many acts at this year’s Focus Wales Festival. Whats your favourite part about playing live?
Gav: Being an insitinctively shy and anxious bunch we find playing live pushes you out of your comfort zone and acts almost like therapy. Going on tour enhances this even further and you can really immerse yourself in the whole music experience and it tends to alter your state of mind in a positive way. 

MIMR: So where and when can people catch your show at Focus?
Gav: We are playing at the Rock Suite at 9.15pm. We are looking forward to it. 

MIMR: Its been super cool to chat to you, looking forward to seeing you at the festival. What would you say has been your favourite record of the year so far?
Gav: Yeah it’s been lovely to chat with you too. Thanks for taking an interest. It’s hard to pick a favourite. Went to see Part Chimp live recently. I think it was about 12 years since I saw them last. There new album ‘IV’ is really great. Also not technically this year but Arthur Russell ‘Instrumentals’ got a remastered re-release. Essential listening. 

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