MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: HMS Morris

Back for another year at Focus Wales festival are the excellent HMS Morris fresh off the back of their successful 2016 album ‘Interior Design’ the pop trio have more treats in-store for this year as well.

MIMR caught up with the guys where they reveal their plans and why they love Focus Wales.

MIMR: How’s it going?
HMS: We’re very well thanks, it’s Easter and we’ve over done it on the eggs. Life’s good.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band?

Well, we’re just about to release a new double a-side single ‘Morbid Mind’ and ‘Arth’ which’ll be out on April 28th just in time for Focus Wales, and we’re putting together a video for it this week. We took a little break after releasing our debut album back in November to get writing again and now we’re gagging to get gigging the new stuff. 

MIMR: What was your best memory about playing Focus Wales last year and why do you think the festival is such a success?

HMS: Last year was a corker, we played in the second room in Wrexham Central Station, Heledd got lost in the moment a little and decided to go for a wonder into the audience and let everyone have a go on her guitar. She re-emerged looking like a scarecrow and hasn’t been the same since.
The festival’s a success because it completely transforms the town for a weekend, Wrexham isn’t like Cardiff or Manchester for example where there are arty events going on constantly and where a festival wouldn’t make much of a dent, it takes over and people travel there to get lost and discover new music and treat it as a little escape, it also marks the beginning of the festival season and gets us all excited for the summer.

(Album cover for ‘Interior Design’ released Nov 2016)

MIMR: What other bands that you admire do you think people should follow?

HMS: Well I know that Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks are playing on Friday at Focus Wales, they have a real fresh take on classic country music, adding squealing guitars and invasive synths (that’s a good thing) and we were lucky to have a sneaky listen to their debut album which is out sometime this year and its pretty frigging good so watch out for it.

MIMR: Where and when can we see you at the festival?

HMS: We are playing at Wrexham Central Station at 7pm on Saturday

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